Hello potential new room mates.. umm, yeah, I’ll call you, sure I will.

So embarking on the hunt for a new place has given me a whole new perspective on a few things.

1. While I may be weird, I am not SCARY weird.

2. There are a lot of SCARY weird people out there.

Before moving to this city, I lived on the Whitsunday Islands. As a manager I had my own little cottage, rent free. I did this for 2 years. Before that I was living with friends/girlfriends/cousins etc. So basically since I’ve moved out of home I’ve either lived by myself (which was awesome) or with people I knew relatively well.

This is the first time I am considering bunking in with strangers.

And wow.

No wonder there are a lot of single people in the world. I mean going for a room is more like a date rather than an interview. That is BOTH parties have some power as to whether or not things are going to proceed any further, whilst in a job interview it mostly lies with one party. And a lot of people don’t seem to get this. Let me paint a picture for you.

I went to this one room inspection, and there was a couple of others there as well. One was on her phone for half the time, and the other, to put it nicely, smelled bad. And the worst thing is, it looked like he took a shower. And it wasn’t body odour from a day of labouring it was… something else. I can’t even begin to describe it. But it wasn’t good. And the poor guy was nice enough, I was talking to him about how he got to this city (moved from the country), what he did (I.T. dude) where he was working (in the City) if he had a car (yes) and all those another inane small talk questions you feel obliged to ask when you’re ensconced with a stranger for a significant length of time. But his chat with the current housemates lasted all of 2 minutes.

Then it was my turn.

So I sat down, told them that I worked and had a steady income. That I had no hobbies that would make anyone deaf and/or nauseous. That I don’t plan to drink to all hours of the morning on weekdays. That I am able to pick up dirty things and put them in the bin as well as wash a dish that’s in a sink.

They wanted to know when I could move in. I laughed. They laughed. I said I’d think about it and let them know.

I emailed them that night, to say thanks, but no thanks.

Like I said.

It’s a date, not an interview. I have to think its a great place to live as well as you thinking that I’d be an okay person to live with.

Coming off too needy, makes me think “Okay, I know there are plenty of weirdo’s out there but you’ve had your ad up for six months and I’m the ONLY normal person to apply? Come on… somethings a little screwy here…”

The hunt continues…



6 responses to “Hello potential new room mates.. umm, yeah, I’ll call you, sure I will.

  1. Good luck! You really don’t know someone is like until you live with them. Hard to keep the crazy under wraps 24/7. I’m sure whoever you end up living with, we’ll hear about it and it’ll be funny. (Funny to us, anyway)

    • Thanks! Well I dont mind the crazy, I’m more than a little weird myself. Its when people are just plain ol scary is the problem. Take for example the following:
      Me : “Wow, great place. Huge TV. Great kitchen. Nice”
      Them: “Let me show you the backyard”
      *cat walks by dressed in a suit*
      Me: “Er is that cat in a suit?”
      Them: “Yes. Thats Mr. Higgledy. You’ll share the bathroom with him.” *laughs*
      Me: “Okay, I’ll call you!” *runs out the door*

      I’m not living in a house where someone else looks better than me in a suit! 😉

  2. Oh god. I’ve never had roommates but I can only imagine the crazies that are out there. My friends have some pretty aweful roommate stories.

  3. Refer to my comment on your previous post and combine it with my blog’s recent post about my spoiled, bratty ex-roommate and you can see that I’ve done battle with a few crazy roommates & neighbors. Keep these stories coming; perhaps we could have a Dual of the Crazy Roommate Stories? We’d have to decide on an applicable prize though. Good luck on the hunt!

    • The prize would be an on-going role in this blog. There are a couple more things that I’ll probably get all of your input for… exactly who and how many I should live with etc… like I said, I’m new to living with strangers. Some expertise on the subject would be nice.

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