Hello apartment hunting, goodbye old place. Oh and hello 50th post.

Well it looks like I will be having to move out a little earlier than expected due to life happening. Which also means I will still have to cover at least my half of the lease term, which equates to as of this week, about 18 weeks worth of rent. Which is $3420, why exactly I have to cover the remainder of the lease even though I’m moving out is a long and convoluted story, which none of you want to hear. So moving on.

That number will of course go down depending on the number of weeks it will take me to find another place to live. I’d say roughly 3 weeks minimum. Which would make it roughly 15 weeks of rent to cover, $2850. I think I could negotiate that down to $2000 (since I’m not actually living there and while legally I’m bound to pay, I don’t think paying the full amount is fair, since I am obviously no longer actually residing in the apartment). I would have that amount once I get my tax refund. But I would also have to cover the bond + 2 weeks rent at the new place, lets say $1000. Which I’m not too sure my refund will cover.

So now my budget 2.0 is already screwed. *shakes fist at the unpredictability of life*. I basically had budget 2.0 planned with a mid-November move in mind, this would mean I would have the funds not only to cover moving expenses, but also to cover the remainder of the lease term in full (which would only be 10 weeks by that time). Now that I have to move that schedule ahead 1 and a half months. Well I think the technical term is “up poo creek without a paddle”.

So I have a few options available.

1. Hold out at the old place (which I really don’t want to do) until the middle of November, as per scheduled.

2. Start charging things on credit (which I really don’t want to do but is marginally preferable to option 1), and pay off once I get the money.

3. Be homeless for a couple of months. (even less desirable than option 1, since where in the world could I keep my suits?)

Should I just grin and bear it? Or do I whack a bit more debt onto the cards knowing I can pay it off later on?

Not a happy 50th post, but that’s life I guess.


4 responses to “Hello apartment hunting, goodbye old place. Oh and hello 50th post.

  1. This is a tough one Captain and not knowing the full details makes it tougher for me to give an opinion.

    My suggestion then is do what you are most comfortable with and what makes you happy even if it means whipping out the credit JUST THIS ONCE. You have made amazing strides in controlling your finances so one minor set back won’t stop you from going forward so long as your mind is in the right place.

    • Thanks Raf… it can go either way right now… and yes even though I’m looking at rooms its kinda like window shopping at the moment, there’s nothing I really want. Just looking at whats out there. And its not good.

  2. Usually, I would plaster your blog with sarcastic, witty comments (yes, right??), but I feel the need to be a straight business bootay here. While I don’t know the exact details of your situation as Rafiki noted, my first inclination is to STAY. Stay, stay, stay! If you can and if it’s legal, of course (ooh, now my mind is racing; filled with visions of Captain dancing wildly around the carnage in his apartment complex as he screams of the injustices of Budget 2.0).

    But seriously, this is coming from a purely financial perspective. As long as you’re safe and have a roof over your head, I would stay. Although I did stay in my place even after my first-floor neighbor threatened to take a sledgehammer to my head so perhaps I’m not “qualified” to provide suggestions? (Disclaimer that she was an un-medicated bi-polar alcoholic who was evicted due to foreclosure and is no longer in our building).

    My looooong and convoluted point? If it’s only temporary, you can doooo iiiiit (that’s supposed to sound like Cheech & Chong). Refer to your stick figure drawings of you slaying the CC debt dragon and hum Eye of the Tiger. 😉

    • Definitely wity, only a little sarcastic. Most of your comments are much too upbeat for sarcasm 😉 It’s legal for me to stay yes, there are currently no rivers of blood flowing from the kitchen, nor is their a body in the bathtub being slowly dissolved by some acid. (although if I keep living there, both may change :P)

      But from a purely financial perspective, you are correct. It would be nigh idiotic of me to move when in a few short weeks I will have the finances to move without resorting to getting deeper into debt. The circumstances aren’t intolerable, they’re just draining. I’ve decided to see just when my breaking point will be… its getting close but I may be able to hold out another month, maybe more, so at least I wont go TOO deep into debt if I decide to move on.

      LOL @ your Cheech and Chong reference. Made my day 😛

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