Hello wallet, should I stop carrying you around?

Since I’m trying to curb my spending and not to use my credit cards, it seems silly to have a wallet to carry them all. I currently have 8 cards in my wallet:

  • Drivers License (since I catch the bus I don’t really need to carry it around all the time, but I guess I should for identification purposes. That, and I still randomly get carded when I buy alcohol. I’m 32 fer crying out loud!)
  • Private Health Care Membership Card (which I think I’ve used once in 2 years)
  • Buspass (necessary)
  • American Express Gold Card (I should gather a fellowship, head into Mordor and throw this into the fires of Mount Doom *you have to say “Mordor” in that weird way Hugo Weaving [Lord Elrond] says it*)
  • ANZ Credit Card (see above)
  • Citibank Gold Card (see above, but this time I want Gollum to bite my finger off first for getting this card)
  • Medicare Card (again, not really essential)
  • Visa Debit Card (links straight to my checking account, but not my savings accounts. I really should learn to live without it)

So in reality, I really only need my buspass and maybe my driver’s licence. Everything else I can put away/throw out/cut up/fly my X-Wing through a small trench on its surface and fire two proton torpedoes into its reactor core and blow it up before it can fire its laser onto my Rebel Alliance Base… err I mean budget.

I really need to get rid of those cards, since now that my salary has ramped up. I can pretty much justify any kind of expenditure up to $800, since I know I can pay off that purchase with a paycheck, and still maintain my current level of debt.

I was thinking maybe a moneyclip. But it seems a bit “guido-ish” or “wiseguy-ish”. See Donnie Brasco. And I don’t think I have the  street cred to pull it off.

My suits do have enough pockets that I could comfortably carry around a couple of cards and some currency without hassle. But I tend to forget what I put where already, and that’s only with my sunglasses and my mobile phone. And that awkward “where the hell did I put it?” dance that guys do when they feel out every pocket they have on them in search of something is not cool.

Money clip? Or just carry stuff around? Thoughts?


14 responses to “Hello wallet, should I stop carrying you around?

  1. I always carry everything around just in case, but every time I used to want to do a no-spend day and I thought I’d be tempted to spend, I’d leave everything (credit, debit, cash) at home and just make sure I was well prepared. It worked!

    • I know I always have that “just in case” mentality as well, but in all honesty I don’t think there’s ever going to be an emergency where I will need $6000 right there and then (current available limit across all credit cards)… Unless I’m kidnapped or something…

  2. I only carry ID, my debit card (I always use this), one credit card (JUST in case, but I never use it), and cash in a slim cigarette case. Everyone thinks I’m all badass and am about to bust out a smoke, when actually I’m just getting my “wallet” out to pay for my unicorn gummies (hehehe).

    All my other credit cards sit at home and talk amongst themselves.

  3. Lane has a cool method or you could just dump the cards and walk around with an empty wallet. No need to invest in a money clip.

  4. the broke sensualist

    I’ve stopped carrying my credit card, too. It’s the only way. But I’ve got a lot of cards in my wallet too: my debit card, my ID, my library card, health card, and various other cards that I don’t need. I must start the purge as well.

    • Its usually a six month thing for guys… its kinda fun… you get all these receipts and think… “oh god I remember that date”… or “when did I take out $200 at the pub???” or even “Why did I hire out a bunny suit???” 😛

  5. When I feel like my credit card is burning a hole in my wallet, it goes on ice (well, in it) in the freezer and stays there for a few months.

    As for the wallet, I’ve always found the classic black leather wallet to be sexy on guys 😉 It doesn’t look like you’ve completely cheaped out, but it doesn’t look obnoxious either. Just my $0.02.

    • Thats what I carry now, but like I said the temptation to swipe away now is just too great. I didnt even know guys wallets come in different colours. I thought it was like the Model T ford. Guys can have it in any colour, as long as its black. 😛

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