Hello disposable income, what to do with you…?

Now that I will have some money floating around, rather than leaving it in the bank gaining minimal interest, I thought I might do the grown up thing and start investing.

Albeit this is at least a month away before my “do anything I want with” fund gets to a reasonable level that will allow me to buy shares without being cleaned out by the fees. But there’s no harm in thinking ahead.

But there is one thing that is holding me back, my complete and utter ignorance on what to buy.

I have traded in shares before, albeit at a virtual level. Back in Year 12 (that’s a senior to you North Americans) all the way back in ’96 (yes I am THAT old) my Business Studies class took part in a national competition for virtual share trading. We had $50,000 of virtual cash, which we used to buy shares in the real world exchange. Essentially it’s like the training programs you get these days. I did pretty well, I made the top 3 in the state, before I tanked completely. And before you congratulate me on my god-like trading skills, I will tell you the strategy I used that when I told my Business Studies teacher, made her throw me out of the class for the rest of the year.


I laid out the paper in front of me. I threw a pen in the air, where it made a mark on the right hand side I would buy, if it landed on the left I would sell (if I had the stock). Yes, through sheer dumb luck.




My teacher was thoroughly disgusted, since her star pupil (not me) did all the right things (research, constant monitoring of prices yadda yadda yadda) and lost every thing  in the first two weeks.

Now, why would I not actually use my considerable awesomeness to work out a less idiotic way to trade shares? Well first thing I was a dumb horny teenager, and was only interested in boobs, and the other things that would be attached to said boobs. I’m pretty sure I spent most of my 17th year looking for ways to obtain a lease (short term or long term – I didn’t care) for boobs. So yes. I was an idiot (this is where many of you will say “but your STILL an idiot!”. True, but I hide it better now :P)

So now that we’ve established that my previous foray into trading was a total and and complete idiotic success, lets try and remove the “idiotic” bit.

My bank offers brokerage accounts with a $600 free brokerage for the first 12 months, with a $19.95 rate or 0.11% whichever is greater, and they have some great online tutorials too.

Are those numbers even fair?

Does anyone else know of any good tutorials out there I’ve been looking, but if anyone knows of any good ones that work for them, that’d be great.

Any other suggestions are welcome (except “go do your own research lazy ass!” cause while being true, is a little mean :P)


6 responses to “Hello disposable income, what to do with you…?

  1. I don’t know about your economy but that brokerage fee seems super huge. Like you I am not entering to foray into investing in stocks. My economy is much much probably like an ant compared to a T-Rex smaller(comes when you live on an island).

    I now have to do my research but my plan is probably just to buy into what I believe in.

  2. the broke sensualist

    Yeah, I wouldn’t know how much brokerage fees cost but do your research and find out.

    Good for you for your extra cash. Just don’t spend it all on suits! 😉

  3. They’re not the highest I’ve ever seen, but you can still do better (cut them in half). Try looking at Questrade or something along those lines if you can. A lot of PF bloggers use it.

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