Hello new pay cycle, nice to meet you, or why getting a new job is like being in a new relationship.

So as everyone knows I got the job, I’m in the job, I’m sorta doing the job (still in training).

But I will not get paid for another 2 weeks.

And in anticipation of my very first paycheck, I realised something.

I’m on first date behaviour on the job.

Anyone who’s been on a date will know what I mean. And yes, while a date is essentially where you’re supposed to reveal yourself so the other person gets to know “the real you”, everyone knows that while the other person may want to get to know the “real you”, they will most likely not want to know “ALL the real you” right away. Lets face it we all have our metaphorical facial tics (well in my case literal, hynagh, hynagh *blink* *blink* *head twitch* nyagh) that no one but our closest and dearest knows about.

 I’m not talking about that cheerleader you have buried in the backyard (those secrets are only for when you get married :P), but just those niggling little idiosyncracies, which aren’t totally dysfunctional, but you really shouldn’t let anyone know within the first week of meeting you.

Things like the fact that you secretly love the Twilight movie franchise, or that you have a penchant for playing MMORPG’s, or that your comic book collection is only rivalled by your action figurine collection, or that you can’t sleep without singing a particular nursery rhyme in your head, or you know all the words to every Brittany Spears song. And stop snickering, none of those apply to me… no really, they don’t… I’m serious this time! Really I am! Please believe me!! *palm face* Great. You all think I do all that don’t you, and nothing will change that fact anymore, will it? *sigh* I really should edit the stuff that comes out of my fingers…

Anyways… back to the point…

On a first date, the siege of charm and politeness, then its the occasional battery ram of small talk, followed by a few catapult throws of humour, and if all is going well maybe an assault against the walls to get that first kiss.

Right now at work, I have just laid siege, I haven’t even figured out if a ram is feasible, there are no trees to build a catapult with, and as for assaulting the wall… well I guess that’s where the comparison ends. I have learned (the hard way) not to poop where you eat.

All in all it is tiring. But I’m hoping that the natives will accept me as one of their own in the coming weeks and I can slowly start exposing the strange (oh so very strange) world of sweatpants.

Not all of the strange of course.

That’s just for you guys 😉


2 responses to “Hello new pay cycle, nice to meet you, or why getting a new job is like being in a new relationship.

  1. You should have definitely keep the twilight thing to yourself. I’m a big advocate for not hiding who you truly are but twilight and you not even being female to have a partial excuse(no sexism intended). I could never accept that…………

    Aren’t you lucky you are such an awesome blogger. I’ll forget it was ever mentioned.

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