Hello credit rating, you must be going up.

Because I’m starting to get offers from credit card companies again.

And yes being the good (-ish, well I’m okay. Kind of alright. Maybe) Personal Finance blogger that I am, I am throwing them right out.

Well okay I read them a bit and check to see if the deals are any good…

Then I check to see if the interest rates are ok…

Then I check to see if I can afford the repayments of yet another credit card…

Then I torture myself by thinking of all the stuff I can buy…

Then, and ONLY THEN do I throw them away 😛

But seriously my credit rating has been shot since I was about 19 I think, and improves only slightly each year. It’s been months since I’ve received a new credit card offer in the mail, or the “opportunity” (really?? ) to upgrade to platinum.

And while no I am not quite so stupid as to actually accept these offers, I do remember the innocence of youth when I first got that unsolicited credit card offer. Remember that? I was an adult! And this was back in the 90’s okay? When not any kid (except maybe those who were filthy rich, but they weren’t in my social circle) had a credit card. And the impressed looks you would get from people your age when you signed a little slip of paper instead of handing over cash.

Aaahhh the shallowness of my youth.

And so I live my life through day dreams. Knowing that one day, I’ll be all paid off and I can afford to have (and use) credit cards again. But for now I’ll just while away the hours until then, checking my mail for yet another offer of platinum. Knowing that everyone I receive, somewhere a computer has added another gold star (or smiley face or point or a video of a panda dancing, however they gauge credit scores) to my record, and I’m slowly getting out from under their thumbs. And that these offers are nothing but their desperate attempts to keep me. Kinda like when you have  have sex with someone cause you feel like they’re going to break up with you.

It’s nice to be wanted.

Hmmm I haven’t checked the mail this morning yet… Poppa needs to feel good!


4 responses to “Hello credit rating, you must be going up.

  1. Well, if you’re planning on making “payments” towards a new credit card then you probably shouldn’t get one. If you were getting one to use as a charge card (where you pay it in full every single month without exception) then it wouldn’t be so bad and you’d want to be looking for their cash back or points to see which was best.

    I hate credit card applications but I hate cash advance checks more. They mail them to me all the time and I am so paranoid about someone getting their hands on them and writing a check against my credit card with them. I don’t even see the purpose of them! I have the credit card. If I wanted a cash advance or a balance transfer, I wouldn’t need the paper checks anyway!

  2. Just like Kevin said, if you use the credit cards as charge cards then you can reap some rewards from them and stick it to the bank. Any other use is just not worth it.

    What you are doing works too and I like how you use it to gauge your credit score.

    • Well im not sure how to get my credit score here in Australia, so this is the next best thing… once I get home loan offers thats when I know I’ve finally cleaned all the black marks of my score 🙂

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