Hello first day, recap.

Well the job is definitely going to be challenging. But in a good mental way. I think this may be the first role I’ve had in about 3 years where I’m not coming in with a head full of useful knowledge. I mean I know how to do the job. It’s basically what I’ve been doing the past 3 years, but there’s just so much documentation and legislation to go through. In the private sector, everything this place says has to be recorded and documented, was all in my head. Now though since I’m representing a government body, EVERYTHING I do is documented, stamped, recorded, filed, and placed in Gringotts under the care of those goblins for protection.

I’m sure I can handle that, it’s just a big change in culture to go from a place with absolutely no documentation procedures or processes (except the ones I made up) to a place where pretty everything you do has to be structured in a certain way to give that air of government neutrality (or to put it another way, that the government doesn’t really give two hoots about you personally. It only gives a hoot about how you do things, or how you can show you can do things).


I’m almost the last one in the office, and I don’t want to be too nerdy and ass-kissing on my first day that I’m the last one here (little do they know I’m blogging… muahahahahahaha!), so I’m off!

And yes, I’ve delayed posting this till midnight, that’s why you’re seeing it 6 hours after I’ve written it. 🙂


14 responses to “Hello first day, recap.

  1. Congrats on the first day! Nothing like a little shake-down to keep you on your toes! I work for an accountant, and it may as well be government work, with the paper trail we have to keep! So I totally get it. sign and date everything… then have someone else sign and date that. Just to be sure.

  2. Congrats on completing the first day… without getting fired:)

  3. the broke sensualist

    Phew! You survived your first day. Tomorrow will be easy-peasy. 🙂

    • It’ll be months before easy peasy will be entering my vocabulary me-thinks. So much to learn… I actually have to think! Oh no! ;P

      • the broke sensualist

        Your brain will love you for the workout. 🙂 And I know what you mean, it will take a while for you to feel comfortable. However, you’re doing something new and exciting and that’s fantastic.

      • I know I feel like I’m in pants 3 sizes too big… there’s an echo in my crotch. Thats how uncomfortable it is at the moment… That along with the fact my training program isnt as structured as I first thought it would be…

  4. Hot diggity damn…congrats on the first day! A giant “woot woot” for learning new things!

  5. Great first day it seems. A little change can be a good thing. I actually do enjoy documenting and filing once it is a good system. If not I like to imagine and create ways on how I can make it better.

    I believe you will adjust perfectly(mostly cause it’s you and you are….. you know(don’t want to use the word awesome so pick something else, make sure it is awesome though just not that word)).

    • Well its a government system, so there is a lot of red tape and a lot of niggling details that HAVE to be adhered to (eg it may not be appropriate if a company has LTD instead of Limited after their company name in a proposal… i mean seriously… )

  6. I’m late but congrats on landing the job! I’m starting my government job on Tuesday. Should be interesting!

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