Hello first day, too excited/scared out of my mind to sleep!

Alright its the eve of my first day at the new role.

And I am too excited to sleep.

I’ve cleaned my apartment.

Gone for a late run (it’s about 11pm over here).

Picked out which suit and tie to wear tomorrow, the dark grey pin stripe with a white shirt and a blue striped tie, I didn’t want to be too flashy on the first day. Just nicely bureaucratic to mix in with the all the other government employees. Once I dazzle them with ma skillz, represent! (ummm does anyone still talk like this? Really????) then I’ll be able to wear the three piece suit and then the slim fit suit, and in summer just the waistcoat. Hell yeah.

Answered all my comments. And dagnabbit mutant girl. Why can’t I reply to your comment??? I had to tack it on at the end of all the other comments, and that just feel wrong. Not as wrong as 45 comments sitting there, mocking me with its pouting lips and come hither eyes. Unmanning me in front of everyone. No mama, I don’t want to wear the sailor suit! I’m a big boy now! NooOOOOoOOOoOOooOO! See you done broke me.

Ummm oh yes, thats why I posted. I got my last paycheck as well as my leave entitlement payout from old job so I got a grand this week which I wasn’t expecting, so woohoo! And no unfortunately none of that can go to paying off the spending spree which ensued last week, as I need to pay rent and buy groceries etc. And to cover me just in case I have to go 3 weeks for my first paycheck.

And *mumblemumbleI’dliketobuyanothersuitmumblemumble*

Oh look over there at all these amazing blogs… you should read those and totally ignore the previous sentence. Totally ignore.

Eboo over there also looks like she had a bad month in August. I shall mourn with you with a pint in hand Eboo. Maybe three. 😉

Hip, Happening and Happy Homeowner down the road on the other hand looks to have done good in August. And I shall join her while she does her ridiculous dance of happiness, although mine is more disasterous rather than ridiculous.

Raf is spending some quality time with his significant other… boom chicka wah wah, waggling of eyebrows and many double entendres and miming slowly eating banana’s. And I’m sorry, I have a filthy mind. But have fun! If you know what I mean. Damnit. Someone slap me before I make it worse.

The Tremendous Taylor seems to be having an awkward August, but thanks to her wonderful partner-in-life, she’s keeping on top of it all. WOO!

Laney over in InMintCondition is lying! The lies! What is with all the lies! *sob* Won’t somebody please think of the children!! But seriously its for a good cause. Go you little liar liar pants on fire you!

Mutant Supermodel, gives us her thoughts on No-Spend-Days, why she uses them, why it works for her, and all that jazz. The chick writes good. Trust me. I know these things.

And last but good heavens, never in all seven heavens the least, Sensualist Broke The also had a weekend getaway, but her budget seems to have escaped the prison beating my budget took. For that I am doing a one-man mexican wave for her. WoooOOOoooOOOooooOOOooo!

Anyways, I should really try to get some shut eye, before tomorrow.



10 responses to “Hello first day, too excited/scared out of my mind to sleep!

  1. Goooooood luck today!!! Rock ’em, sock ’em, show ’em who’s boss.

    Hip & happening, eh? You crack me up!!


    Oh, and finally, I think we should exchange blogroll links. Ooh la la! I’m saying this while rocking a short skirt….bahahahahahaha (maybe?)

    • Thanks! Noooo, I can’t show them who’s boss until the probation period is up, which is a long three months away. Then after that I can be myself, and then run riot every where… muahahahahahaha.
      “exchange blogroll links”?? – thats not prison lingo for some act that if I described it would cause my grandmother to blush? (which I can tell you, isn’t much… she was a wild youth :P)

  2. —> Points to your Blogroll
    Where the EFF is my link love???
    Oh wait, it’s in your post. *blushes*
    Sept. 5th, make sure you read my post that day. You inspired it Cap’n!
    Long live the Sweatpants.
    Good luck on your first day at the new gig and all.

  3. Good luck tomorrow/today. Still August on this side of earth.
    Thanks for the shout out and double thanks for pointing out some other awesome blogs and for doing that I now want you to tell me…

    How on earth will I keep up with so much awesome bloggers cause I can’t figure it out myself?

  4. the broke sensualist

    How was your first day? I betcha it was great. I can’t wait to read about it.

  5. the broke sensualist

    Oh, and thank you for the blog mention!

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