Hello last day of winter, watch me get distrac- girl in short skirt!

Trying to get back into writing everyday after that weeks break is a little difficult. I keep finding myself being distracted by the smallest thing. New DVD’s I haven’t watched. New show on Discovery channel. Random Texts, females walking by the cafe window in short skirts. There goes another one… Man, I love spring.

I do have a few pics, but most are of me doing incredibly silly things with various small objects (and for those whose mind went straight to the gutter… dude, that’s kinda gross).  But think The Hangover, at the end of the movie with a montage of their antics, you get the picture. Me using shot glasses as binoculars. Me balancing a spoon on my nose. Me looking very drunk on a couch looking like I’m debating with a stuffed bear, and losing (where that couch is I’m not too sure, it looks like someones house, but we stayed in hotels…o_O) Me with chopsticks in my mouth pretending to be a walrus. Me and my friend with chopsticks in our mouths pretending to be walrus having a fight for the right to mate with a female walrus. (we weren’t calling anyone a female walrus, that would be mean, we’re silly drunks, not mean drunks)

I am typing this away at my local cafe with a hot cup of coffee, watching the world go by. I live in the city in Australia which would probably be comparable to Washington D.C.. It’s the bureaucratic and government hub of Australia. So it attracts a lot of younger workers, add to that the high income level of even a mid-level government bureaucrat, and penchant for those with “boring” jobs to dress a little more hotly to compensate, you get a lot of women in distractingly short skirts roaming around – woman in very short skirt! Very, very short. Oh come on lady, that’s barely a belt! That’s so not fair! I’m trying to work here! –  when there’s even a glimmer of warmth in the air.

I’ve been trying to work out exactly how much I spent last week, (well actually I was trying to work out a new budget but after the first 5 minutes I knew that wasn’t going to happen and gave up :P) and I’m afraid with all the distractions strutting their stuff past this cafe window, this is about as far as I’ve gotten…

Trip = $800 ish

2 Suits + 2 Business Shirt + 1 pair Dress Shoes = $1500 ish

Pair of proscription glasses = $150 ish

Pair of prescription sunglasses = $270 ish

A new LED HD TV = $299 (bargain!)

A new bluray player = $199

A whole slew of new blurays = $450 ish

A new coffee table = $150 ish

A new book shelf = $100 ish

A couple of new PC games = $100 ish

So that’s a total of $4000 ish worth of money I have spent in a week. *gulp* About $1000 (????) of that was actually money saved, the rest *mumblemumblewentonmycreditcardmumblemumble*. I know! I know! Bad Sweatpants! BAD! I’m not even sure which credit card I put what on. Yes I kinda go nuts when I let loose. I dread to think what my statements will look like this month.

I’ll be good for the remainder of the year. Cross my heart. So sometime next week (or maybe the week after) once I get my paycheck, budget 2.0 will be unveiled.

Oh and also remind me once I start doing the budget for new role, to NOT do it in a cafe on the main street of the city. Cause seriously I can’t even get a a complete sentence out of my hea- hot gal in short skirt!



10 responses to “Hello last day of winter, watch me get distrac- girl in short skirt!

  1. Ahh thats a lot of money! but it sounds like you had fun on your vacation.

  2. Glad you had fun. In the future when you’re crying about Budget 2.0, I’ll be here to remind you that you’re still paying for the fun you had in August of 2011. ha ha ha!

  3. Holy Smokes Captain. You treated that trip like an erupting volcano. It happens to the best of us though. Once you have a plan and stick to it you will come out on top. And keep your promise.

  4. Ain’t it crazy how fast money can disappear from your bank account? Time to get back on the wagon. *cracking whip*

  5. My husband likes to put chopsticks between his fingers, ball up a fist, and pretend to be Wolverine when we go to PF Changs. I actually have a photo of this at my desk at work. *snicker*

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