Hello 40 days and 40 posts and “So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good-bye”

Instead of sex, I blogged...

Yes this is in reference to that movie, and if you haven’t seen it, there’s no real need. And no, I did not molest anyone with a flower during the writing of this blog.

And seriously, if you don’t know the second movie reference in the title, you need to watch more brain numbing television, or else how are you going to get all of my pop culture references when we go for coffee? Huh? Huh? Answer that! Now put the newspaper down, stop talking to loved ones and veg out in front of the television. Do it! Do it now!

So this is my 4oth post. Well actually I think this might be 41, cause of that second post about the job in Sweatpantese (which was invented by the lovely Laney), but whats a couple of posts in between mates right?Although she got “hurricane is coming towards the state of Hawaii” and “I, Captain Sweatpants will be visiting Hawaii in the near future” mixed up… Waitacottonpickingminute… Laney! *shakes fist* 😉

I know I said I was going to blog every day of August, but I’ve managed to finagle a little holiday/road trip with a bunch of friends for the week and a half to celebrate my new role. There will be plenty of shenanigans, maybe a few high jinx, a lot of misbehaving, and if there’s time, a bit of tomfoolery. So this’ll be my last post until the 31st of August when I get back 🙂

And since I’m packing my bags and trying to type this out at the same time, there is no time for me to create forward dated posts. But don’t worry I’ll be back… but probably not daily… And just to let you know whats coming!

  • I will be doing the unthinkable. I will be posting pics of before I started working out, and the results achieved after 8 months of working out. I seem to have plateaued so I need some suggestions on how to get to the next level. So yes, cover your eyes ladies, there will be nipples *insert cheesy 70’s porn music here*
  • While I’m away, I’ll probably go shopping for a few suits. In here will be  rant about both the guilt, and the stupidly child-like excitement  I have buying them and wearing one after so long. Maybe pics.
  • A new budget! I’ll try to use a few of the tricks and tips suggested by you crazy kids. Actually, I may ask for some help on that actually. And no I do not use a crayon when I make up my budgets thank you very much. Crayons are for eating… nom nom nom.
  • Moving? It may be possible that I will have to move apartments in a couple of months, so again the headaches and the disasters that will ensue when you combine Captain Sweatpants with heavy pieces of furniture, some rope and a third floor apartment with a balcony (you can see where I’m going with this right?).
  • The second installment of my favourite bloggers and which television/movie character goes with who.
Anyways, I’ll catch everyone in a couple of weeks! Everyone better damn well have at least one post for me to read *glares* when I get back…. *glares again even more menacingly*
Grrrr. (thats me growling in meaness. Stop laughing Vodka!)

14 responses to “Hello 40 days and 40 posts and “So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good-bye”

  1. WAAAAAHHHH what are we doing to do with ourselves until August 31st? We’ll be checking every hour to see if you came back, hoping that this post was just an April Fools joke done in the middle of August to catch us off guard. Because you’re sly like that.

    Is he back yet? Nope.

    How about now? Nope.

    Now? No, maam.

    ...Maybe now— IS THE SKY PURPLE?! Is Australia a really big island?! Do pineapples grow on trees?!

    No 😦

    • Wait… do pineapples grow on trees???? Or is it like a pineapple bush?? Or a are pineapples like potatoes??? Or do they have to be hunted down and killed because they threaten the native fauna with their carniverous and unseemly appetite for the flesh of young turtles??The mystery’s of life we will never solve…

  2. the broke sensualist

    I agree with Lane. It’s going to be awfully lonesome in the PF blogosphere, without you.

    You’re probably already gone but have a wonderful trip! Take lots of pictures, and come rested and happy. 🙂

  3. This post made me sad 😦 I will miss my daily dose of Cap’n Sweatpants.

    Have a fun time, though!

  4. I am sad too! Why are you taking your awesomness away?

    Have fun! Without us:(

  5. Enjoy your trip. I hope you remember most of it so you can share cause I know you have that love/hate relationship with drinks.

  6. I’ve heard so much about the famous Captain Sweatpants, I’m looking forward to your return so I can meet you (and apparently your nipples) officially. Though, I’m big on breaks, so don’t let me pressure you or anything.

  7. Damn, just as I was getting hooked on your blog like a Real Housewife on plastic surgery you go & disappear. I, too, shall count down the days until your triumphant blogging return. I also expect a full recount of your vacation shenanigans….

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