Hello arteries, you must despise me.

So I went shopping on Saturday and guess what? Bacon was on sale! (nom nom nom BACON! nom nom nom) I managed to get about 5kg for $5!

So basically I’m having bacon as part of every meal for the rest of the week.

But the problem is I don’t really have that big of a repertoire of bacon recipes. I actually don’t have a big repertoire of recipe’s period. I tend to make it up as I go along. So short of cooking a steak, and wrapping that in bacon, does anyone else have good bacon-based or bacon inclusive or bacon friendly recipes?

And just to share here is what I came up with last night for dinner! (I was cooking for two, and she actually enjoyed it. She made a “wtf” face while I was cooking but seemed pleasantly surprised by the results)

So without any ado whatsoever here is, Chicken-Cheese-Bacon-Bake (sauteed in a Fanta/Mountain Dew mix sauce). Note: I don’t recommend anyone eating this, cause seriously after dinner I swear I had cholesterol induced arythmia. Yummy though.

1. Cook about 4 strips of bacon in a shallow pan that you can put a lid on (you only really need 2, but you can munch on the other two strips while youre doing everything else) until crispy.

2. Put bacon aside and using the same pan (dont drain the fat! thats the bit that makes it yummy and the bit that will kill you) add two and a half spoonfuls of butter into the pan. 

3. Bring down to a medium-low heat, then place two whole chicken breast pieces into the pan. Pour quarter a cup of Fanta and a splash of Mountain Dew over the chicken. Place lid on pan.

4. Leave chicken to cook and preheat oven. I don’t read the numbers on the dial of the oven, but the knob is pointing straight down.

5. Break the bacon into little bits. Eat spare bacon. Try not to eat all of it cause youre using the pan now to cook the chicken, and you don’t want to use another pan to cook more bacon cause you’ll have to more to wash when youre doing the dishes when youre done.

6. Burn the sauce a little. Turn the heat down a bit more, add a splash more Fanta.

7. Spend fine minutes looking for tongs to pick up chicken. Find tongs. Chicken is now cooked.

8. Place chicken in pan, and make a fairly deep cut into the chicken breast. Open up the chicken.

9. In the cut you just made, stuff the chicken breast with shredded cheese. Then put more cheese on top. Then more. Then more. Okay enough.

10. Add bacon bits on top of the cheese.

11. Add more cheese. You heard me. Add. More. Cheese!

12. Place in oven, wait until cheese is melted, then serve.

Overfeeds, causes heart palpitations and heart burn in two adults. Will probably kill a gorilla.

You have been warned.


16 responses to “Hello arteries, you must despise me.

  1. BLT- Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on toasted bread. You can add mayo if you wish.
    Shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled. I don’t know what type of spices to use, but I would guess salt, pepper, and paprika would be a good mix.
    Breakfast for dinner- Bacon, eggs, pancakes or cinnamon rolls (or both)

    That’s all I can think of. I do not like bacon, but the hubs does.

  2. ANYTHING wrapped in bacon and grilled! A whole fish. apricots. nectarines. egg strata w/ bacon on the bottom. bacon wrapped bacon.

    put bacon bits on a salad.

    • Really apricot wrapped in bacon??? Is that seriously a food or did you make that up? I honestly dont know. Youre talking to a guy here who cooks with fanta, so I just assume things go together 😛 But if you suggest it I will try it.

  3. I second bacon-wrapped bacon. Bacon-wrapped asparagus is great too. Or was that asparagus-wrapped bacon? Shrug. Freeze the bacon you can’t use.

  4. That recipe even though on the outside it sounds like death it probably taste like heaven.

    Lovely bacon. What a blessing. And I can’t believe you got 5 kgs for 5 bucks. I wish I lived where you are

  5. Mmmm bacon..

    When I read 5 kilos of anything my feeble American mind goes directly to drugs, but in this case it is something just as addictive and crime inducing. At least at our house, lives have been threatened for the last piece of bacon.

    Bacon wrapped apricots is real, it’s super-duper yummy.

    • If I ever do my road trip across North America, I’m visiting you and your family and we can have a bacon themed picnic! Ummm but can you cook, while i try to explain cricket and rugby to your husband and kids? *grin* Its not that I’m lazy but youre just soooooo much better at cooking 😉

      • Do you have cameras set up in my house?

        We just had a cricket conversation last night. I still don’t know what it is, but I thought it was kind of like baseball with canoe paddle.

      • Maybe I do… and maybe i dont… *grin*

        I really dont like cricket personally but I know the rules… I’d have to say its more like darts with a bat and ball and people… rather than baseball. I could explain that analogy but i fear my brain would explode.

  6. the broke sensualist

    I love bacon. I’ve tried bacon-flavoured vodka, bacon chocolate, bacon in poutine, hell yes! We Canadians LOVE bacon.

    • Oh my goodness, my friend just mentioned Bacon Jam to me as well.

      Captain, please make, jar, and send it to all of us. Mahalo’s.

      • Errr… Laney… think about what you’ve just asked me to do… Fondle a meat product, smoosh it into a jar, add god knows what else into it (knowing me it will be something weird) and send it to you. You will then put said product INTO YOUR MOUTH… do you really want to eat something made by someone whose nickname includes the word “sweat”? If so you’re more game than I wouldve believeed possible for a girl. Respect.

    • Hurray for Canada! Yet another reason why I should move there… er whats poutine? But everything else I would try in a heartbeat.

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