Hello foul temptress, leave me alone!

Okay people, what I think I’m experiencing here is a bit of a break from my draconian budget (okay its not really that draconian, whats not so bad as dragons but is pretty mad? Mountain-trollnian. Ahh Harry Potter, thank you once again).

I didn’t really have to go out last night, but I did. And I’m going out again next week.

And I’m contemplating buying a new car (with a loan!) or maybe a motorbike, I haven’t decided yet. And dreaming about getting a few more suits.

I haven’t been stupid enough to actually apply for the loan or actually going to the tailor to get those suits made. But the little voice that keeps telling me “you’ve got plenty in your emergency fund, just take a few weeks off the budget. As for the car? Well, things will work out” is loud (and sexy and sultry, like Scarlett Johansenn’s voice). And the budget voice, well its Steve Buscemi. I have nothing against Steve Buscemi. I think he’s a great actor. But if I was in a darkened alley way, and both these people were kind enough to show me the way out…. well… I hate to get all male on everyone, but I’d be following Scarletts ass before Buscemi could finish the sentence. Sorry Steve.

Who would you listen to?

So I think my budget is loosing steam. And spending is coming back to fore.

I’m not too sure how long I can hold out.

So pay close attention everyone.

In the next few weeks, you might see exactly how a budget burns and crashes into a million pieces of flaming death.



6 responses to “Hello foul temptress, leave me alone!

  1. Scarlett Johansenn is SO yummy. I can’t decide if I like her playing the innocent roles or the naughty ones better.

    Naughty Scarlett says: Buy the motorbike!

    Innocent Scarlett says: Buy the motorbike!…. with the savings account you created for that specific purpose. Umm… which means you might not have that motorbike for another few months. But you can hold on before putting out, right? (That’s what SHE said!)

    Yeah, don’t ask me for permission to buy anything rated with horsepower or cc’s. I still catch myself staring at my car for a good 7 minutes after I park. Le sigh. My bank account and I can’t wait to get over this phase in my life.

    • I was actually thinking a nice sexy ute. You guys don’t have utes over there do you? Do a search on “maloo ute” in Google. *drool* Utes are awesome cause its no weight in the back so its tail happy… which makes for interesting driving (interesting here meaning “it may be time to change my shorts” or “its brown trousers time”)

      • Hmm….. so I googled maloo ute…. and yeah……… I think that is something only a mother could love…… In that case, Scarlett says no. tehehe.

        If you want tail happy, you should get this car. This guy is from Brisbane. 400 hp to the wheels. Ca-ray-zee.

      • LOL. You and your american sensibilities! The ute is a national icon, and its hawt.

        Wow look at the size of those exhuasts (thats what she said… wait… im not sure thats sexual). Damn brisbanites… thems crazy up there (to really get this basically we think of Queensland (the state Brisbane is the capital city of) as kind of a mix between Texas and the south in America. Lotsa farmers and cowboys.

  2. Would it be easier to say no if Scarlett said so? I think there should be a help line for this kind of issue. Instead of phone sex operators you can call a number and get someone to talk you out of major purchases.

    • Yes. If Scarlett were telling me no. I don’t think I’d break the budget. I’m pretty sure I can speak for 99% of the heterosexual male population, that we would pretty much do whatever Scarlett told us to. We could pitch the idea to Scarletts people! Scarletts “No” line… she could make even more money than she already has… then she’ll even be more out of my league! (and does the previous sentence sound as ridiculous to everyone else, as it does to me re-reading it??)

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