Hello brain, please stop thinking.

I have not heard regarding the other role yet. Both my referees called me however and told me that they gave glowing references.

Its bad that I haven’t heard from them isn’t it?

Or am I just over thinking?

I’m over thinking.


So serious discussion time.

Don’t give me that look I can have a serious discussion. Please ignore the fact that I have a big red nose on, and clown make up. And that I’m miming pushing up against a wall. Ignore that. All that means is that I can multitask.

So to keep my mind off the whole thing I’ve been doing some reading. And I came across this very well written post, What is the typical Australians income? Sounds pretty dry right?

But really its not.

Even though its full of statistics, what you get is a very clear picture of the disparity between what the most Australian media see’s as middle class, and also the overwhelming gap between what the “average salary” and what the “median salary” is for the normal Australian.

The “average salary” is basically everyone in Australia’s salary divided by everyone on Australia. Basic math. That figure is $66,445.

The “median salary” is the figure calculated in which 50% of participants fall below this number and 50% fall above this number. After a bit of calculation, he comes up with a figure of $44,222. That is a staggering 33% less than the “average salary”. So 50% of all Australians earn only 2/3 of the so-called “average salary”.

But I think what caused the most controversy was that he noted that a newspaper in Australia, had used an example of a couple with a $200,000 household income as a “middle class” family. And they were complaining that due to reductions in tax offsets in child care, they would have to hire a nanny.


First thing. If you are able to consider seriously getting a nanny, I don’t think you can really count yourself as middle class.

And thats what the issue is I think. People’s perceptions about themselves are significantly coloured by the people around them.

So rich people don’t think theyre that rich, and poor people don’t think theyre that poor. I always thought we were middle class,  when I was growing up, but maybe I wasn’t.

Anyways I had a point but its taken me the entire day to wrote this so I lost it.


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