Hello Dutch people, why in the world did you mass-“like” my blog???

Edit: Lane liked this post so she is now Dutch, instead of Hawaiian or whatever.

Edit on the previous Edit: I accidentally liked this post, so now I too am Dutch. And also you CAN see when someone likes the post you actually have to go into the post (rather than the homepage to see it) So now I’m doing the I told you so dance to myself. Man I’m a douche.

WHY dutch people? WHY? No really, I’d like to know! What does that do?

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t appear anywhere on the blog itself to say that a post has been liked. You yourself can see posts that you “like” but no one else can… That’s my understanding of the whole system anyway, if I’m wrong please point it out and then rub my face in it by doing the “i told you so” dance.

I mean spam comments I think I can understand. Something about linking and stat sites and visits, and phrase word recognition thingy magigy (getting all technical again!), but essentially spam comments may or may not provide the spammer with an increase in their site stats. Somehow… It’s magic alright!

It’s 1:38am, I’m not brain working right now, that’s the best explanation I can come up with right now. Deal with it.

But why in the world would you spam “like” a post?? Can someone please explain this to me?

Oh and yes I have considered the possibility that 26 different Dutch people happened to stumble upon my blog at exactly the same time, read the blog, all 26 find two particular posts humourous (and damn you american spelling word checker on wordpress… there is a “U” in humour! Stop telling me I’m wrong!) in that ineffable Dutch manner and hit the “Like” button within seconds of one another.

And yes, according to my calculations this is possible.

But its possible, just like its possible for Jessica Alba to materialise in front of me right now, squeal in delight, jump into my lap and fall madly in love with me. While holding an orange.

Hold on a sec.

*waits and looks around for Jessica Alba*

I’ll give it five more minutes…

*gets hit on the head by a falling orange*

She dropped the orange! She doesn’t have to be holding an orange! She doesn’t!!!! That was optional!!!! NoOOOoooOOOooOOOooOOOooOOooOOooooOOOoooooooooOOOo!



Please explain, someone.


Now for the other stuff that happened.

Procedure went fine, greenlighted for surgery end of the month!

Also on the job note, I don’t want to say either way how I feel about the interview. I don’t know yet if I got the job, and probably won’t till at least next week. I really don’t want to dwell on it so much because I will drive myself and anyone whose mobile number I have crazy. Also, when I do find out I may be too excited or too much in despair to type coherently, so I’ll make a deal with you.

If you see a post that looks like this: bnjmvbfffgbjhnmhfgvfgvfgvfgvfgvfgvjhnvcdfxvgjhjhjhfgvcdx gjhhgfdd

That’s me banging my head against the keyboard because I didn’t get the job.

BUT if you see a post that looks like this:

bnjhhmhnfgch jkfgdrtgj khfgdrtgujkufgrdtgfhdfrsegyhju rfdeswase tyuh

That’s me jumping up and down on the keyboard in excitement cause I did get the job.



8 responses to “Hello Dutch people, why in the world did you mass-“like” my blog???

  1. It’s Thursday the 11th, right? It says posted on April 12 – did you cross the date line? I thought you were in the U.S.!

  2. I hope you got the job! Maybe I missed something, but WTF? Surgery?

    Are you Canadian?

    • Don’t jinx it!
      Its nothing major (the surgery) just a day surgery and be in my own bed after a couple of hours. Short story pain right side=abnormal bone growth in muscle tissue pinching blood vessel and nerve=yesterday tests to find if i have any more=surgery end of month.
      Why does everyone think I’m Canadian, I actually get asked if I’m Canadian a lot here in Australia… but no I am not Candian, but I would like to be Canadian. I think Canadians are like Aussies (awesomely awesome to the square of awesome) but swear less.

  3. Bwahahaha yes I am the Dutch 😀 I walk around my grass hut in wooden clogs. Danke Schön! ….Oh wait that’s German. Same smell.

    Don’t lie. You liked your own post on purpose to even it out. I would re-like again if I could, to make it a pretty prime number.

    I’m hoping you didn’t get the job. Or else you’ll be paid more, your debt will be paid off faster, and then this blog will be no more. You can’t leave me! Noooooo!

    • LOL. Thats so mean! Why be mean for? If we ever meet there will be spankings! Hmph 😛

      Pfft as if I’d leave this place… if I do pay off my debt, there’s still the teeth and shortness to fix… I’ll be regaling you kids with tales of dentists visits and wearing platform shoes once Im outta debt… dont worry Ill be here a while 😛

  4. Agree with Lane! You better not stop posting once you’re post-debt! Your daily dose of humour (and yes it has a ‘u’ in it!) makes me laugh out loud on the bus home from work… If I can’t embarrass myself at least once a day I will end up one of those stone-faced boring types who normally populate the public transport system. I cannot become that person, hence you must continue blogging always Captain Sweatpants!

    • As long as I can make someone look crazy then my purpose is complete. I’m one of those people on public transport that fall asleep on other people. I don’t mean to do it, I just sit down and before you know it I’m snuggling up to someone… can make for a very awkward scenario when they finally get the nerve to wake me up, but I’m already spooning them 😛

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