Hello weekly update, and other stuff tacked on to the end.

Going Out/Gift Fund: +$5.71 = $26.44 (birthday present bought and dinner for two, that’s why this is once again gone back to chump change)

Bills: +$40= $540 (took some money out again for birthdays… argh, and come next week the gas bill is due… grrr)

Emergency/Savings Fund + $62.25 = $715.79 (over the $700 mark! This is the most I’ve saved officially in at least 5 years)


Amex: +$50 = -$3,164.05

ANZ: +$50 = -$4,721.92

Westpac: +$50 = $6,698.99

Citibank: +$50 = -$5,141.14

Total Debt: -$19,726.10

So I’ve got a massive shindig (hootanannie, barn-dance, whatever you want to call it) to go to in a couple of weeks. That’s why I’ve cut back $150 from the normal payment into the Citibank credit card so I’ll have some money for this. It’s the one time for the rest of the year (until Christmas-New Years that is) that I will be going out, so its going to be a big one. So next weeks credit card payment will also be reduced significantly. But as you can see I’ve tried to offset it by increasing the other payments by $10 each. So hopefully come end of the month I won’t go over the $20,000 mark again when interest hits (why do people have to be born, and then I have to meet them and then I have to celebrate their birthdays? WHY? :P).

Also today is interview and procedure day! I am currently at work. Have been here since 6am (again!) so I can leave early. It’s quite peaceful.

Honestly the universe likes doing this to me.

Nothing happens in my life for months and in the space of a few short days I have a bunch of things come at me all at once.  Next thing you know I’ll meet the girl of my dreams on the way to the interview, knock her up and get married. All before 5pm today. Although that would mean having sex whilst the interview is being conducted…  Gives performance anxiety a whole new meaning.


12 responses to “Hello weekly update, and other stuff tacked on to the end.

  1. I’ll be saving my wedding congratulations for tomorrow. I wish you luck with the interview.

    • I just picked up I am more than an entire day behind you in time zones. It’s Aug 10th 9.34pm… Totally cool

    • LOL. No need for wedding congratulations, unfortunately did not meet the girl of my dreams (although an old flame did text message me), and I think the luck wishing helped, I did NOT throw up on the person interviewing me, wish is always a good thing.

  2. Way to go on the savings and debt repayment. You are a freakin’ rockstar. Anywho, I have noticing a lot of odd numbered comments on your posts. Just thought I should let you know.

    • If I’m a rockstar you my dear are the queen lady goddess mistress of the PF blogging universe. Ha! How do you like them apples 😉 I know about the comments and I’m trying to fix them. I blame people for typing into their computers and hitting the send button…

  3. the broke sensualist

    Your upcoming birthday events sounds like how mine for May-June. It seems like all of my friends were born around that time, which made very hard to keep those debt repayments consistent.

    Good luck with the job interview tomorrow! Wait, it already happened, didn’t it? So, what happened, how did you do?

    • The job interview was happening while you typed out that comment broke, if the time posted is right. And I don’t know yet and dont want to jinx myself by saying stuff.

      Its friends and family for me… 19th Aug (friend bday), 20th Aug (friends kids bday) 21st Aug (mom bday) 27th Aug (dad bday and parents wedding anniversary) 1st Sept (friends bday) 7th Sept (friends bday) 19th Sept (sisters bday). Thank god only the girl on the 19th this month is going to have a massive party. Everyone else is just quiet drinks at home. Ugh. This is what happens when you’re friends with 20-somethings and youre a 30-something… its so hard to keep up and takes so long to recover.

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