Hello co-workers, please stop trying to have conversations with me when I’m trying to work.

Yes, I have my grumpy old man hat on today.

But seriously I don’t get it.

I am typing industriously away (since 6am btw), the door to my office is closed, I have my “how the freak did they do that and how am I supposed to fix it?” face going on (its a mix of perplexion, dismay-at-other-peoples-stupidity, and frustration that I’m expected to fix it… think of the face of a child who’s been presented with a training potty for the first time, its that face. It kinda says “You expect me to do WHAT?!?”) and I’m softly banging my head on the desk.

Yet still people will come into my office. STAND right in the door way, while I hold up a finger of one hand (and no not the rude finger) while still typing with the other as I finish one more thing. I have a pile of papers immedietely to my right, another to my left, which I am constantly referring to, and when I finally look up and ask what they want, they just shrug their shoulders and go “nothing, just wanted to see what you were up to”.

What. The. F.

You can see what I’m up to! I’m working! I know you may not recognise it, but look, project screen open. Papers everywhere. The look that I’m trying to do a poop while constipated look on my face. Seven cups of coffee around me. This is working. Unless you have something constructive or you are a ridiculously hot female, please, please, please, leave me alone.

I have no idea why this happens to me.

I am really not that interesting.

Especially since I’ve been paying off debt. Sure, back in the day when I was consuming copious amounts of alcohol I had stories that could make anyone laugh. (I really have to tell you guys about the time I got so drunk I only have flashes of what happened during the night, midgets and a circus were involved and climbing over fences). But these days, the most exciting thing thats happened to me recently was I got over 100 views on this blog (yay!). Not really something that other people would find interesting. yet they persist. It’s like they think I should have interesting stories and its their right that they should hear about my shenanigans.

I have no shenanigans.

I don’t even have a shenani.


8 responses to “Hello co-workers, please stop trying to have conversations with me when I’m trying to work.

  1. I HATE when people call me and tell me things that are useless to me.

    SIPJ the other day calls me “I am not sure if you saw that email in my inbox about XYZ. Don’t worry about it. I’m going to escalate the problem to Jane Doe.”…. ok….. thanks for the update on YOUR JOB, but IM BUSY. Especailly since he told me to ignore everything about XYZ already. That was 5 minutes that I”m never getting back

    • LOL… I get that a lot. Except mine is “So what was in that email that you sent with high attention?” -_-

      It was high attention for a reason. You saw the high attention. You know I never high attention anything unless its actually high attention (unlike another co worker who high attentioned an email chain letter ARRRAGGGHHHH). But you’ve waited 2 hours after I sent it, to come down have a smoke and then stroll down to my office so you can read the email over my shoulder while I point out the important bits. *palmface* How about we make a deal? If one of us ever becomes a gajillionaire we hire the other one. Deal?

  2. the broke sensualist

    ‘Yay’ on a 100 views!
    ‘Boo’ on lousy coworkers.

    • You’re messing with me arent ya broke? 3 comments (UNEVEN!) on 3 seperate posts (UNEVEN!!!!) making all three have an odd number of comments… (UNEVENNN!!!!!!!) You make me go crazy! GRARGGGAHHHJJJAAEAHEIOO!O!! Hmmm… this comment could be the straw that broke the crazy camels back… It’s a little nutty even for me… oh well… adios readers who I’ve scared away *waves*

  3. It happens when you go from alcohol to saving money. You would need a miracle to get an extremely hot lady who is even mildly interested in what you are up too.

  4. the broke sensualist

    I’m only being consistent in my responses!!! Besides, 3 is a lucky number so think of me bringing over good luck to ya. 😉

    • If I could cut off a foot of yours and put it on a key chain, I’d have my very own lucky broke sensualist foot! But I’m pretty sure thats illegal, and kinda gross (the cutting off your foot and putting in on a keychain part, not YOUR foot per se. Im sure you have lovely feet) so I wont.

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