Hello weird pain on right side of body, you’re not going to stop this blog.

Okay I’m at the hospital waiting to get an mri. Typing this out on my phone.

And damnit this counts as a post!

Anyways, over the weekend I’ve developed this weird ache on my right side, radiating out from my neck, down my shoulder, down my arm, down my leg and up my face (only up to the right corner of my mouth though).

Its just an ache.

Kinda like after your foot goes asleep, and then it wakes up, and you get pins and needles, then you get this achey pain after the pins and needles. Its THAT pain. But with no pins and needles.

Anyways, went to the doctor cause I couldn’t walk properly to get to work and so he’s sent me to the hospital to have me brain checked. I have a bet with one of the nurses that its a brain parasite the size of a lemon. If it is… she has to give me a massage! WIN! If its not I have to give her one… umm WIN!


14 responses to “Hello weird pain on right side of body, you’re not going to stop this blog.

  1. Holy moly guacamole, I hope you’re okay! 😦 Get your spine checked out too, it sounds like a pinched nerve or something. Tell the nurse to give you a massage, it’s Dr. Lane’s orders.

    • Thats what they said a couple of months ago, but it turns out i have “calcification of muscle tissue” basically my body made a bone (hehehe “bone” giggity!) out of nowhere, and its pinching on a nerve and a few blood vessels. Doing tests tomorrow to see if there are anymore. And then I have surgery end of the month to get rid of the one they found and any others that they might find tomorrow… and maybe a boob job while theyre at it πŸ˜›

  2. I think you should have gone to a chiropractor, I had something similar after being hit head-on by another driver a few years ago. Although at least an MRI will rule out anything major.

    • I did for a couple of months before when this first happened. Chiro and Physio, the deep muscle relaxed and the growth got off the nerve and blood vessel, but now I’m all stressed again the deep muscle has tensed and its all pinching again. But this time they’re going to get rid of it for sure. So all good. Whoa whoa… you got hit head on??? Dammmn. Nothing too bad I hope :/

  3. Eeek! That sounds scary! At least it’s ending in a win-win situation though!! ;-D

  4. I hope everything turns out okay. Well I guess either way you win. Keep us updated and don’t croak, okay?

    • All good Nikster. Bone (hehehe… its still funny the third time!) growth on muscle tissue, lasering it off and all good. And you’re not the boss of me I can croak if I want! Sorry that was my idiotically stubborn two year old persona coming out…

  5. I’m pulling for you man… hope everything turns out ok.

    My grandfather had several strokes so I am super paranoid about pain, numbness, weakness, etc… that effects only one side of my body. Even when I know there’s a reason it might be happening (like I fell off a chair). So I’d always go to the ER with those symptoms… better to pay the bill and know things are ok than the alternative.

    • That was the scary thing. An uncle of mine had a stroke about the same age as I am now. So its in the family. It was a major stroke too, he was in a coma, and while he’s mobile now, he’s still pretty much not that functional on his left side. So that kinda freaked me out a bit. Which is why I think when they said abnormal bone (LOL and still funny the fourth time!) growth, it actually made me happy.

  6. I hope it is nothing serious. Nice bet. Might be better if you lose πŸ™‚

    • Yeh, I like win-win situations like that. Well I see her tomorrow at the hospital for my test. So she can collect then. I’m thinking double or nothing, but this time its Mario-Kart on the Wii… I will kick her ass… Yes I’m a tad competitive πŸ˜›

  7. the broke sensualist

    I hope you’re OK and they find out what that pain is…

    • I am, its an abnormal bone growth caused by repetitive friction of muscle against my vertebrae. Nothing serious like a stroke or anything. They just have to cut the sucker out and Im as good as new!

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