Hello job interviews, I hope I don’t mess you up.

Okay, well my current role as stated is crap. Crap pay (comparable to others of its kind in other industries, I could easily be earning 50% more maybe even 100%), crap conditions (I’ve only just got some more helper monkeys after 8 months of struggling through a ridiculous amount of work. The problem was I managed to get things done. I didn’t get them done well, but I got them done. So this sent the message to management that I had no need for more staff. I finally figured this out and told my existing staff (or helper monkeys as I like to call them, as opposed to the poo throwing monkeys everywhere else here) to stop their 14-hour days, and working on the weekends. After a month of this, I finally got more staff. I can play the game if I really have to, but I hate doing it.), crap office (its not even in the basement, its out on the dock *starts singing Otis Redding’s Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay*), out in the cold (or heat in summer) and very close to where the trash gets dumped, so smelly. And also about the size of a large broom cupboard. (sometimes when I’m in the office and stuck on the computer crunching out reports, I like to pretend I’m Harry Potter at the Dursley’s and Hagrid will come and save me real soon. I’m a dork I know :P)

I have a job interview for the same role but in the government sector on Thursday.

The job as I understand, is basically a reporting role (generation of and analysis of) and I’ll earn more than 50% on top of my current salary.

Yes, yes, “what about your dream of being a fire fighter Captain Sweatpants? Have you given up on that? Say it isn’t so! *sob*” Well the fire brigade isn’t recruiting at the moment, and bugger if I’ll waste years on a role I hate. I might as well earn some decent moolah right?

And with the extra money I could pretty much double my debt repayments, or add a few (just a few!) luxuries into my life.  Maybe a car…

Anyways… I’ll keep you updated!

Happy lazy Sunday and/or drunk Saturday folks!


6 responses to “Hello job interviews, I hope I don’t mess you up.

  1. Government jobs typically pay WAY MORE here in Canada than private, so I’ve always wanted to work in public. It’s the same even for internships, so I’m stoked that I got the internship for September in the public sector.
    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great!

    • Its the same here in Aus! But then again in saying that the industry I’m in at the moment is notorious for being underpaid. So even in the private sector in another industry I could earn more. But even better! In the public sector the benefits in Australia are awesome. Usually a 9-day fortnight and strictly 8 hours per day. No overtime! Or if you do have to work overtime, you get paid even if youre on a salary. WIN! And thanks!

  2. I’ll hope the best for you and I wish you luck.

  3. the broke sensualist

    Good luck! 🙂

    • Go find a leprachaun and mug it for its four leaf clover! Wait youre Canadian… ummm… whats a mythical creature in Canada? Oh I know! Go find a mountie and get its hat! Mounties are like smurfs arent they? 😉

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