Hello blog, I’ve just realised I’ve posted every single day or so this is why I don’t have a life.

I never meant for this to be a daily blog. I guess the writer in me just got carried away.

I tend to be a starter, I like starting projects and then get all caught up in it, pouring every bit of my energy into it. Then some time, some where along the line, I lose that spark and it just falls by the wayside. As what happened with the budget after 9 weeks at the beginning of this year (which, as of yesterday I have tied, hurrah for me! I just realised that, so yesterdays weekly update did have a point) and my painting (I have a bunch of blank canvas’ in storage) NaNoWriMo (I get to about 10,000 words and then – blah, three years in a row now).

But I know why I do this, at least.

I have authority issues (where it actually comes from, I have no idea, probably just plain stubboness). When someone tells me to do something (or that I can’t do something), my subconcious will automatically rebel and will refuse to do (or do, if I’ve been forbidden) whatever it is. And I’m not just talking about other people, even if I think to myself “okay self, you HAVE to do this. No excuses.” I’ll start to feel myself edging away, trying to find a way to rebel and do the complete opposite.

Although this independent streak of mine has provided me with a lot of opportunities and experiences that I never would have had (living on an island resort for 2 years, moving to 3 different cities with no support system whatsoever, trying out for the fire brigades, university, etc etc) its also created a lot of headaches (15 grand worth of debt for europe, so many job opportunities trashed, burned, discarded and otherwise destroyed, a hundred started projects gathering dust etc etc).

Even writing this post I’m getting the itch to just skip a day, just to prove to myself that I can.

But no.

For the rest of this month at least. There WILL be one post daily. And I will try not to cheat by posting something from youtube or something…

And just to distract you all…

Here’s something from youtube!

This song is doing the rounds here, and its stuck in my head…  *singing while walking to the shops*


10 responses to “Hello blog, I’ve just realised I’ve posted every single day or so this is why I don’t have a life.

  1. Harmony Tactics

    Great song. It’s making the rounds around here too. Your posts usually make me laugh (not at you, of course, only when they are trying to make me laugh, I swear) so I’m glad to hear you’re trying to post daily!!

    • Please, laugh at me as much as possible. I deserve it. If i don’t get laughed at least once a day, my ego swells to unbearable proportions and I do the Saturday Night Fever strut as I walk. I don’t even realise I’m doing it, but apparently even in a darkened cinema my friends can always pick up out my walk cause its strutty (sTrutty… not sLutty) 😉

  2. When I first started my blogger blog, I wrote ALL THE TIME. Now, I hardly have the energy to post 3 times per week. Sometimes, I forget about my blog haha!

    Good for you for posting every day

    • NOOOO! You can’t forget about your blog! Post more! I’ll do anything! Annnnnyyyythhiiinnggg… *sob sob* *clings to your leg* don’t leave me!

      And that children is an example of “clinginess” or how to get a woman out of your life in under 5 seconds.

  3. I noticed this the other day, too, when I was looking at your calendar and every date since June 12th is colored blue! I’m elated to have been laughing at with you since day one 😉

    I’d post 3 times a day if I could… I’ve got ~48 drafts waiting in my WordPress. Verbal diarrhea, doctor says it’s been making the rounds ’round here.

    • I know! You will always be my first Laney… you devirginised my comment section…and for that various bits of my body thank you. It was an awkward first time. I’m not too sure if I pressed the right buttons, or whether or not you got my spurted out reply to your sultry and sexy (yet not over the top) comment. My comment was probably too short (see with guys, the comment can never be big enough) but I hope I make up for the shortness with stamina 😛 30 days straight… Giggity!

  4. the broke sensualist

    Good for you for having the stamina to write. Mine goes in waves, but keep at it. I’ll be reading them for sure.

    • Even as I wrote that I could feel the energy commited to this blog move elsewhere. I knew I shouldnt have written it down. But the stubborness works both ways. Now there’s a part of me thats said I will write every day, another part of me wants to rebel, and another part wants to rebel at rebelling cause its typically what I’d do, so I shouldnt do it, and THAT would be rebelling.
      Yes I know. I need professional help. 😛

  5. I’m totally a starter too. Diets, blogs, crafts, you name it (danke GOTT im himmel that doesn’t apply to relationships). Go YOU for posting all the time. I’ve slowed up on mine, but it’s mostly because my co-worker is back, and I can no longer waste all day on the internet undetected.

    • Lol… I’m lucky I have my own office so I can pretty much go on here unhindered. The only thing thats stopped me the past few days is the amount of work I’ve had to slog through. But after pull a 12 hour day yesterday and starting 6am today… I FINALLY got most of it done. So catching up on all my comments! And you my dear… are the last unreplied to uneven comment… and when I hit “reply” I will no longer have that niggling insistent feeling in my brain when I have uneven comments on my posts. Hurrah!!

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