Hello weekly update, under $20,000! *high five* or back to our regularly scheduled programme


After a decade of being AT LEAST 20 grand in the red, today is the first (and hopefully not the last) day of yours truly being UNDER $20,000 in debt.

*high five’s and bro fist’s all around*

The exact number is $19,926.10.

Interest doesn’t take effect on one of the credit cards until around the 20th of this month and the rest will be at the end of the month. By that time I will have paid off enough to be nudging the $18K plus mark. So fingers crossed, knock on wood, throw salt over shoulder, uncross the path of a black cat, jump over a ladder, close an umbrella in-doors, eat a salad made completely out of four leaf clovers, don’t step on a crack or you break your mothers back, and have sex with a leprechaun, LIFE doesn’t decide to throw me a curveball and I go back to being over 20 g. Please universe? Be good? I’ll do anything. *waggles eyebrows* ANYTHING. If you know what I mean…

But thats not what you voyeurs came to see… you want numbers!

Savings/Emergnecy Fund: +$62.25 = $653.54 (if you’re wondering why there’s a little bit more in here compared to last week, I got a whopping $3.84 in interest! WHOA. Slow down there bank-man… you don’t want to make me filthy rich. It could go to my head.)

Going Out/Gift Fund: +$1.60 = $135.60 (every little bit helps is what I told myself when I transferred that amount into this account… it feels like a lie.)

Bills: +$40= $660 (alright this is static cause I’ve dipped into it to pay for my internet)

THE DEBT (I’m giggling like a school girl just writing these numbers on screen. Excited much? I think so!)

Amex: +$40 = -$3,214.05

ANZ: +$40 = -$4,771.92

Westpac: +$40 = $6,748.99

Citibank: +$160 = -$5,191.14

Total Debt: -$19,926.10. (tee hee hee hee hee)

Anyways thats it for today. Till next time kids! Same bat-time, same bat-channel!


12 responses to “Hello weekly update, under $20,000! *high five* or back to our regularly scheduled programme

  1. $3.84 in interest?! I made 37 CENTS on my $1,000 emergency fund! At least it’s a pretty masculine prime number 😉

    Here’s a novel idea — how about I write you a $1,000 check and you earn interest on it for me on it in your savings account. Pay to the order of Epic Haiku Poet With Less Than $20,000 of Debt. Your postal carrier will know who that is if I just mail it to Australia, right?

    • Can’t I ever leave you a comment is grammatically correct?! I get too excited when I write on here! There needs to be a Word-Vomit-at-60mph-(100kph) spell check button before pressing reply.

      • Gramatical correctness is for those who don’t have the imagination for expirements with language. Or so I tell myself, especially every time I decide which preposition to end a sentence with….
        DAMNIT! 😉

    • Bonus saver account! If I dont touch it for the month I get bonus interest 😛

      But suuuuuure send me $1000… it…will… get… deposited *shifty eyes*

  2. That is happy fantastic awesome news.

    I think telling the universe you’ll be it’s bitch is an ballsy move. It could go either way, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    • Yup lube me up, spank me on the left butt cheek and call me “Clarice”. Universe I am yours.

      This will bite me on the ass.

      But hey, you know what they say, bad decisions make for great stories 😛

  3. *shakes PF Blogger Happiness pom-poms*
    Yay for Captain Sweatpants!!!

    Alright, that’s all you get from me. You never comment on my blog anymore. 😦

    • I tryyyyyyyy. The network here at work hates blogger for some reason. I can’t comment on them. I have to wait till I get home and then I get distracted by… stuff… I promise you’ll get a comment! I would say it Dack-si-zin btw 😛

  4. the broke sensualist

    Congrats for Captain! 🙂

  5. CONGRATS! Thats a big milestone. Keep it up! You’ll be posting about being under $10,000 in no time.

    • Thanks! Under 10,000? According to my calculations that won’t be until April next year :/ UNLESS I get this government job… then yes. I may pay it all off by the end of this year! Hurrah! Then this blog can be retired honourably.

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