Hello Lane, this (haiku) is for you.


As you wish.


Debt burying me.

Like snow. Cold, no escape.

Lane’s blog! Summer comes.


Weekly update tomorrow.


8 responses to “Hello Lane, this (haiku) is for you.

  1. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!1` Thanks for all the laugh wrinkles you just gave me.

    I thought passing my exam today was the highlight of my day. NOPE.

    My favorite haiku is:
    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

    And I’ll ad lib one right now:
    My cat reads your blog
    It is summer year round herelllkjlasf;;l
    Meow meow meow meow meow

    • HAHAHAHAHA I love that haiku! hehehe “refrigerator”. And your cat types awesomely too

      You passed your exam!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, under 20K in debt for me… passing exam for you! Today must be Universe-Wants-PF-Bloggers-To-Have-Nice-Things-Happen-To-Them Day!!! I wonder if anyone else has had a good thing happen to them… cmon people!!! SHARE!!!

  2. After having met our $1000 Emergency Fund goal, HUbby & I treated ourselves to some pedicures and lunch. We were both in heaven!
    August 3rd shall now be know as Universe-Wants-PF-Bloggers-To-Have-Nice-Things-Happen-To-Them Day! 😉

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