Hello hangover, despite the pain you cause I always come back…

Okay there are several good things about hangovers. Well for me anyways. Even in PF terms. And this is going to be a short post.

  1. I know I will be spending nothing today. Even the thought of being in the same room as a living breathing person with their loud thinking and blinking and heart beats *TURN YOUR HEART DOWN ITS TOO LOUD!* And no I am not counting the money I spent last night GETTING drunk so I could get a hangover. My blog, my rules. What happens on a Friday, stays in whatever seedy, low-brow, broken-down establishment I woke up in on the Saturday morning.
  2. I can catch up on my sleep. Sure it will be disjointed, uncomfortable and my dreams will consist of flashes of memory of things done that I am not proud of (break up of girlfriend #6, quitting job #7) and things I don’t even remember doing (I climbed that 3 metre fence and jumped from the top?? I have photos on my phone of me on an elephant??) but it will be sleep.
  3. I won’t spend that much money on that much alcohol for a fairly long time.  Sure we’ve all said it before. “I’m never drinking again!” But we will, well I will. I’ve just learned my lesson for the time being. I will forget in a few months. But those months can be spent saving.
So hangovers aren’t THAT bad. They’re just the universes way of telling you that you had a good time 😛 And also to make you save.
Yes I am justifying my actions.
I’m going back to bed.

2 responses to “Hello hangover, despite the pain you cause I always come back…

  1. I’m moving in next door right now and installing a speed bag.


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