Hello life, you’re expensive.

Now that I’ve gone into this journey of becoming debt-free with verve and gusto, I’ve come to look at life a little differently now.

Before when I would see something that I would like to own (and covet and worship in the deep dark nights of Saturnalia) I would think something along the lines of “How long till I can afford that?” Now my thinking goes “How much more will I have to spend a week to own that?”

Take cars for example. I’m a semi-petrol head, which means I like my cars fast, but don’t ask me what a carburetor does cause I will only lie to you. So I had me a Proton Satria GTi back in the day before I moved to the islands. It was a piece of crap, the radio wouldn’t work, the driver’s side window needed an assist to roll up all the way, the headlights would switch off suddenly, the brakelights would come on intermittently without me stepping on the brakes. But it did go fast. I miss it terribly.

Now when I think of cars, I think, well registration is going to cost x amount, then there’s fuel, and maintenance, not to mention the initial outlay of actually buying the damn thing. Basically I’m going to have to quadruple my weekly transport costs in order to cover all that. Can I afford it? Yes. Will it hinder my debt paying off super powers? Yes. Do I still want to buy a car. Ummm… not really no.

Same went the way of the PS3. “I’m going to have to buy a HDTV so the blurays will actually look like they should. Wait, first I have to replace all my DVD’s with blurays. Then there are the games, oh then the new sound system…Oh heyyylllll no!”

That being said I still whimper whenever I see a new game come out on PS3 or see an Mitsubishi Evo or a BMW M3 cruise on by. All these things would be nice to have, and yes one day I’m going to have them.

Just not today.


8 responses to “Hello life, you’re expensive.

  1. I refuse to buy BluRays, it’s just not fair (really whiny 12 yr old boy voice, it’s a boy because they whine more) Why did DVD give up so easily? I don’t buy DVD’s anymore either, so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

    How ’bout houses? They are crazy expensive and their upkeep ain’t no chump change either. I always wanted a house and I love ours, but when we move next time I don’t think we’ll buy another one.

    • Hey! We 12 year old boys don’t whine more! *said in whiniest voice* Ahhh crap.

      Houses seem to be a bit too grown up for me. Yes I am older than most of you, but I don’t count the 00’s since I was in my “bad boy” stage and spent most of it in a haze… so technically I’m still 22 😛

  2. Captain Sweatpants, way to go on flexing that ‘rational-thinking and self-restraint muscle’. Work outs come in many forms!

  3. I definitely don’t do the blue-ray thing, but I also don’t buy DVDs cause I can just download everything (thanks to the awesome lax canadian copyright laws – Holla!)

    I’m with Niki – A house is something I covet and I think one of the most expensive of all (besides cars!)

    • But but but but better sounds! More features! This is one of those guy things isn’t it? I would love to exchange all my dvds to blurays… OMG… drool. Wow Im channeling the speech of a 13 year old girl… ssshhh im hungover

  4. When you posted this, I was just about to publish my little “want” list. Great minds, alike think.

    I can’t decide between the xbox or the PS3, so I’d want both. And of course, I’d have to upgrade my TV (must have features: wifi to stream movies, ability to display museum artworks when I’m not watching TV, everything except the kitchen sink. No wait, throw the kitchen sink in there, too). And yes, my DVD collection would need to be upgraded. Gladiator in high def?!?! Time to change panties.

    • Person same, we are.

      Seriously everything you have listed in that comment is stuff I would say. Except for having to change panties because of Gladiator. It would be Sucker Punch, umm and of course I wouldnt be wearing panties. No matter what anyone else has said! ;P

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