Hello weekly update, you seem pointless this week.


Mobile Phone Bill: -$85 (this really should be $65, but it was $99 before I upgraded so I’m still saving. And from what I’m reading the mobile plans people have in the US suck big time. For the $65 (+$20 cause I lost my phone and paying it off by installments) I get unlimited calls, unlimited sms, unlimited internet, 2 gigs of downloads and a 1 gig seperate to use the navigation function on the phone. I don’t think we have minute plans anymore… unless youre on prepaid)

Savings/Emergnecy Fund: +$62.25 = $587.43

Going Out/Gift Fund: +57.70 = $122.50

Bills: +$80 = $660


Amex: +$40 = -$3,199.79

ANZ: +$30 = -$4,644.53

Westpac: +$40 = $6,788.99

Citibank: +$130 = -$5,250.54

Total Debt: -$19,883.85

Okay don’t get all excited. The above number is a lie. A lie that the credit card companies and banks are gladly taking part with me in.Well okay its not really a lie. But misleading. I am NOT under the $20,000 mark in debt. Interest will be applied in the next few days to the American Express, ANZ and Citibank cards, so I will be back over the $20,000 by the weekend (my only hope is that the $717 I pumped into the Citibank card will be enough to lower the interest applied to less than $80, which I doubt). And I’m not even going to buy anything or do anything! I’m going to spend the entire weekend either working out, running, or playing on the computer.


Which is why this weekly update seems pointless. Usually there’s something to get me excited with the update. The week before I got my Emergency Fund over the $500 mark, the week before that I finally got my available blance on my Citibank card over $1,000, after years of wallowing in “maxed out” land.

This week however…  I’m still stuck in the $500’s for my emergency fund, while my going out fund received a fairly good influx, I have 4 seperate events coming up in August that require presents, and at least one more in September.  and the interest, as stated previously, makes my payments this week seem completely and utterly ineffective.

Like a mouse trying to ravage an elephant.

I’m gonna get squished.


2 responses to “Hello weekly update, you seem pointless this week.

  1. When I feel discouraged like that, I use my Net Worth to “trick” me into celebrating a milestone.

    Ready for this mathematical awesomeness?

    Your assets: $709 (You could also include any other assets you have: sense of humor, six-pack pooch, possibly nice butt — I’m guessing liberally here)

    Your debt after interest: $20,300 (I’m guessing liberally here)

    Your net worth: $19,591!!! Below $20k!

    Our debt amount will always be one step behind our net worth. It’s misleading but it’s still factual! 😉

    • LOL! Laney… that comment made my freakin day. Thank you. 😛

      I’m still lol’ing @ “possibly nice butt – I’m guessing liberally here” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Alright I’ve gathered myself enough that I can write a coherent response without giggling idiotically everytime I look at your comment.

      Nup, sorry can’t do it… I’m still laughing. You win this round my pretty! But I’ll get you! And your little dog too!

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