Hello fat, you’re losing.

Along with getting out of debt and going for a career change, I am also trying to lose some weight. If anyone remembers (but why would you?)  the first tag line for this blog was “Okay… I’m not THAT fat”. And I’m not. I’ve just developed a beer belly/gut over the past few years since my metabolism decided to break-up with me when I was 25 or so. But everything else was pretty okay. (Alright for a while there I had some man-boobs, they weren’t massive but they definitely had a boobyish quality rather than a pectoral quality… but shhhhhhhhhh)

The gut was the main concern. And I’m not just talking a little pooch, it got MASSIVE at one stage. I went from a size 28 mens waist (which is the smallest waist size you can get in mens size in Australia) to a very snug size 36. I remember, when my sister was pregnant with her first kid, my gut could compete with her pregnant belly for size. For years I’ve been trying to get my stomach back to acceptable levels.

And so, I am glad to announce, that after 7 months and 1 week of training 5 days a week (4 days of cardio/strength workouts, 1 day of running). I am proud to say that I am back to pooch level, rather than gut level. I’m nowhere near my goal yet, but I could probably nail the firefighter course right now and only die of a heart attack AFTER I had completed all the challenges on the course, not before as what would have been the likelihood if I had attempted to do this at the beginning of this year.

And working out, its addictive.

I find that I look forward to my workout days to see just how much I can push myself this time around. When I started I was struggling to bench press 30kgs (65is lbs), now I can do about 60kg (130ish lbs… but as an aside… seriously Northern Americans, how in the world do you live with the empirical system??). Fifteen more kilos and I can bench press my weight! Which was pretty much the goal.

Running outside is another thing I’ve found to be mildly addictive. Again starting out I could barely do a kilometre, which was basically the run from my apartment to the starting point of the running track. I would be drenched in sweat and panting like a honey badger in heat. Now I can comfortably do 8km (a round trip around the lake and back to my place) and will slowly work my way up to 16km (2 laps around the lake).

But wait. I haven’t told you the best thing yet.

I’m doing ALL this working out for free! And since I’m working out about 4 hours a night. I’m usually too knackered to spend money! Hurrah!

Well okay technically its not free. There is a pretty well equipped gym in my apartment complex, its not big, but it has enough cardio machines and free weights to keep me happy. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve seen some pretty crappy gyms attached to apartment complexes over the years. I remember one that was just a room with one lonely exercise bike and a couple of barbels that were too light to be of any use. So I guess I’m paying for the gym through my rent, but technically its still free. Right? Right? Just let this one go okay?

And running? Well I have an ancient pair of joggers that are currently doing the work (they are in desperate need of replacement but I think they can hold out for a couple more months) so I really haven’t paid anything for this one. So this is free! Ha! And plus what other people don’t seem to get is that it is actually relaxing to let your body do all the work and let your mind wander to the nether regions of your mind, find old memories, dust them off and reminisce. Or you could be in a creative mood, and you could spend the time running coming up with brilliant schemes to take over the world. (Mine is to make an app that will control people’s minds through their phone. Muahahahahaha. Don’t steal it!) Or you could just plug-in some headphones, strap on an iPod and just zen out.

I’d say in another couple of months I’d be at my goal.

So… does anyone know if its possible to strikethrough a word in the title of your blog? Since in a few months I may be able to take “Fat” off the list above.  Html doesn’t seem to work. I’ve googled it and someone said that it was possible, another said that it wasn’t
I may have to change my title name, but I don’t really want to because,

a) I’m too lazy to think up of something

b) “In-debt, short with bad teeth” just doesn’t look right


c) I’m lazy 

Any ideas?


18 responses to “Hello fat, you’re losing.

  1. I think you answered it yourself… Change it from fat to lazy 🙂

    On the other hand, I have taught the metric and customary systems to my elementary kids and they think the metric system is so confusing. I tell them that it makes a lot more sense than our system, but they don’t believe me. Oh well…

  2. But I like being lazy! Thats the difference… I’d like to change fat, debt and teeth (how the hell I’m going to change being a hobbit I have no idea… but maybe science will find a way before I die)

    I think I’ve got your system sorted (kinda) 12 inches = 1 foot, 3 feet = 1 yard, ??? yards = 1 mile thats where I get discombobulated. But I know a lb is about 2.2 kilos and a mile is about 0.6km. 🙂 Can I get a gold star Miss Jessica? 😛

    • I have no idea how many yards there are in a mile either, so you’re okay.

      Just curious — how are you going to fix the “short” part? Snap your shins in half and regenerate bone growth, or high heels with red soles?

      • But we’re practically the same person Laney! Except you’re prettier and have much nicer legs.

        I have no idea how to fix the “short” part. I obviously can’t do high heels with red shoes… thats your thing! We’d already look kinda weird cause we’re both wearing polka dot dresses *hair toss* Hmmm… okay saying stuff like this may get me into trouble… I’M JOKING I DO NOT WEAR POLKA DOT DRESSES OR ANY KIND OF DRESSES… only on special occasions… I MEAN, NEVER!! Damnit 😛

        But back to fixing the short thing… I’m thinking it has to involve a monkey of some kind. All the best scienctific discoveries involved monkeys. Penicillin… little known fact Alexander Fleming left that mouldy bread out because he was going to watch monkeys at the zoo. Wright Brothers, got the idea for Kittyhawk from watching a flying monkey when they got caught in a tornado and ran over a little old lady in red shoes. Einstein, when trying to talk to mere mortals about E=MC2… he would substitute the word “monkey” for M and “chimpanzee” for C. True story.

  3. The funny thing about the customary system is that we don’t go in order. Very rarely do we talk about how many yards are in a mile. Instead we know that there are 5280 feet in a mile. I know, doesn’t make sense at all. We do measure our races in km… 5k and 10k, but then a marathon is done is miles. We are all just mixed up over here.
    Other than that, gold star for you 🙂

    • *does the booty dance* I got a gold star I got a gold star I got a gold star I got a gold star I got a gold star */end booty dance*

      Why the weird number 5280??? I think I remember reading somewhere that the “foot” measurement was because it was the size of some kings feet… but how in the world did they go “Hey… 5280 feet to a mile! THATS A BRILLIANT IDEA!!”???

  4. You could change your name from “fat” to “phat”.

    I love the metric system. I’m real good at moving decimal points thanks to my restaurant job, where I quickly calculate 20% tip on restaurant tabs by moving the decimal over then multiplying by 2. Plus, my Honda’s car parts are all in metric! 10mm wrench? Check.

    • I don’t think I’ll ever be cool enough to be able to pull “phat” off. Maybe in 30 years when “phat” has gone the way of “that’s the bee’s knee’s” or “thats the cat’s pyjamas!” and “dynomite!” I might consider it.

      And the metric system loves you. Oh god, don’t even get me started on tools. My dad is old school empirical system, he’d say something like pass me the 3/8ths wrench. 3/8ths what?!?!? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU DIVIDE SOMETHING WITH 8??? Did some mad scientist lose a couple of fingers involving a lightning rod, a vat of acid and body parts scavenged from various graves and then say… if I have to count in 8 so do the rest of the world… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! This is the stuff that goes through my head all the time… I apologise for subjecting you to it… I’m getting way too comfortable with you people and I will try to edit the stuff going on in my head before I type.

  5. okay, I have NO CLUE what to do about changing your name – I’m about to come across the same problem – mydrbadventure.blogspot will soon no longer be totally true (My Dr. Bernstein adventure is almost over.. almost.), but I’d obviously like to keep the blog going as I continue with my own weight-loss and fitness goals.

    BUT: (Enter cheerleader) WOO HOO!!! for you for finding cheap effective things to do to get you active! My personal attack method is yoga and light weight training in the boss’ empty office every afternoon! (my apartment comes with a community room for the old ladies to play bridge in, but no gym)

    • I tried yoga, but I really don’t think my body was made to bend that way… Although it would probably help. One of the physical requirements for po-po is to be able to to do seated toe touch. I can touch my knees. 😛

      Any advise on how I can get that flexible?

  6. I just left my name despite the fact that the “four dollar gas” part really has nothing to do with anything anymore. Well, it didn’t until the prices shot back up and we’re almost back there. LOL

    I kind of wish it wasn’t relevant anymore.

    Congratulations on the weight loss. It sounds like you’re doing great. Are those pants sizes in inches? It sounds like they have to be. But shouldn’t they be in cm? 😉

    • I have no idea about the pant sizes, I thought they were just numbers myself, like shoes sizes. I’m sure my feet arent 10 inches, damnit thats going to bug me all day until I can find a ruler and measure my feet now. But inches would make sense. If I had a 36cm waist I’d be barbie, and I don’t have the boobs to pull off the Malibu look 😛 well not anymore…

  7. the broke sensualist

    Congrats on your workout achievements! That’s a great accomplishment and it’s definitely inspiring.

    And long live the Imperial system! I’m a Canadian so I couldn’t tell you what temperature it is in Fahrenheit and how long a mile is either. 😉

    • Thanks! I’ve still got a long way to go before I get to my goal of looking like my pre-25, avid dancer + 20kg body, but at least I’m on my way.

      I thought Canadians did inches too? But yay that you don’t! Canada is once again the country I would move to if for some reason I have to leave this one.

  8. You could make a photo and replace it that way, right? Sorry I don’t know wordpress that well.

    I think my blog name is too cliche, but it does cause a lot of traffic.Plus, I will be out of debt soon enough, then maybe I could do millionaire by sixty. Forget it, I’m keeping it. I’m too lazy to worry about it anymore. I wish I was more clever and thought of something like Nickel by Nickel or Give Me back My Five Bucks, but alas, it was not meant to be.

    Congrats on losing weight and running and lifting whatever those km & kg thingys are:)

    • Sorry about my spammy name, I don’t know what happened. Maybe I am getting too old to be on a computer.

      • Eh? spammy?? And you are not too old! I’m almost 3 years older than you! You were born in the 80’s fer crying out loud! I still remember when I started dating that anyone born in the 80’s was too young and it was kinda gross to even think about going out with them. Now all the 80’s girls are married and pumping out kids, and I’m stuck with girls born in the 90’s… I’m not even sure what happened to all the females born in the 70’s… they moved to another planet or something.

    • I thought the same thing actually… but then I’d have to make the jpeg then edit it then upload it… then… I’m already tired.

      I like your blog name! I would’ve stolen it but I’m two years past 30 already and I’ll be damned if I’m still carrying this debt when I’m staring 40 down the barrel at 38 or 39. 😛

      LOL one of these days I’m going to post and have everything in the weird measurements you guys use…

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