Hello books, you are a my budget breaker.

Now in a previous post I said that movies, computer games and books were my three loves. But if somebody said to me:

“Out of those 3, pick one. And that’s the only thing you can do for the rest of your li-”


Books are my first love. I cannot live without them. I will usually have 2 or 3 going at the same time. The book that sits beside the bed, the book that goes into my man-bag (you know in case a reading emergency comes up… Like if aliens invaded earth and the only thing that could kill them was reading from a a book. It could happen! Cmon, Hollywood has come up with more silly things… M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs anyone?) and the one in the drawer at work, on 1 in a gajillion chance that I have a non-busy day (aliens would be more likely).

I may not even read the books I have for weeks on end. But as long as they’re readily available I’m fine. If I don’t have one (or I’ve read everything I own already) I get… antsy. I will start picking up random things and reading them. Junk mail, the back of my cigarette pack (yes I smoke, yes I will be quitting shortly, more on that later), the candy bar wrapper, cans of tuna. Whatever is on hand basically.

I’m not sure where this particular obsessive compulsive disorder of mine came from (there are more… like for instance I can’t stand uneven numbers on my comments section, it irks me, which is why I will usually comment to even it out. Yes I am weird. Yes I have the card to prove it) but all I know as far back as I can remember I was always reading. One of my very first memories is reading Snoopy Encyclopedia’s with my cousin and debating whether or not the word “island” was pronounce “IS-land” or “EYE-land”(basically it was a kids encyclopedia but had little Peanuts cartoons here and there that were relevant to the topics on hand, I still have them in storage somewhere too!). And yes I was the one who was heatedly debating for “IS-land”, I have continued that tradition of being vehemently wrong on many topics ever since 😉

But yes, books. The only thing that I will willingly and gladly blow my budget for. Movies and games, can and do a wait a fair while, I only got Starcraft 2 about a week ago for example, it was released a year ago. And yes I know I blew my budget last week for Harry Potter, but I felt guilty about it afterwards. But say if the new Patrick Rothfuss book came up, I would buy it. If I didn’t have the cash available, I’d dip into my savings. If i didn’t have any savings, I’d even put it on my credit card. Yes. I am willing to get more into debt for books, that is how much I love them.

Current Favourites (and probably lifelong favourites – I treat authors/book series like friends. It may take a good long while before I consider them as “friends” but once they’re in that friend zone, they’re in it for life.) in no particular order… cause if you ask me to choose you might as well kill me.

– David Edding’s Belgariad Series Elenium Trilogy &  Tamuli Trilogy (the Mallorean is okkkaaayyy)

– Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Trilogy in Four Parts

Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicles (I want book 3 to come out already!)

– Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series

David Gemmel’s stuff (most of his stufff, there were a couple of just okaaay books, but most are worth it)

– J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Septology

Robert Heinlein’s stuff (granddaddy of sci fi)

– J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Series and Codex Alera Series

John Douglas’ Mindhunter (one of the few non-fiction books to get onto the list. I like non-fiction. But most that I’ve read just didn’t have that multi-readability factor to them) 

– Neil Gaiman’s stuff

(Quick calculation, thats 80+ books :P)

– I can’t remember anymore and too lazy to get up and sort through the bookshelf. (It’s all the way over there! *points to a spot a metre away*) But those are just the favourites. Probably twice that amount of books that I just “like” and will re-read on the occasion but never as much as the ones above, and again the same number of books that were once off reads, and will be donated to the local library once I get the chance.

– And then there are ones that I’ve picked up at randomly at friends/ex-girlfriends/random people houses that I walk into by mistake, and enjoyed but can’t remember, and have been hunting for them since.

So now I have a question. Does anyone else have budget breakers? Like the ONE thing on this planet that you will spend money on, regardless whether or not it will blow out your budget for the week/month/year? And food and other living expenses don’t count! It has to be something just for you. Or am I the only one with the will power of a wet rag?


16 responses to “Hello books, you are a my budget breaker.

  1. Ooo, thanks lots of ideas for more reading, I have read about… a third of your list. Makes me think I might like your others.

    We don’t buy a lot of books though (‘cept for our kids) We love our library and free things obviously.

    I used to buy stuff for our home (towels, dishes and other crap I don’t need) all the time under the ruse of it being for the house/everyone, but it was for me, ’cause I am a crazy person when it comes to home decor. I have gotten much better.

    p.s. I will always envision you as a 12 year old boy from now on… FORrrr..EVvvv…ERrrr. Could be worse, I could envision you as a 12 year old girl.

    • Libraries are cool. My family had a running joke that when I was in high school I would spend hours in the library that I was actually bringing dates there, thus the term “Love-brary” was coined. That joke (and myriad more like it from my parents) probably explains my lame sense of humour.

      LOL @ your P.S. Funny you should say that when I was twelve before hair started growing in random places, I actually looked quite girly, longish hair (cause I hated getting my haircut), red rosy cheeks (to the point that I was asked if I wore make-up) and big fat lips (its genetic I can’t help these), and had a high voice to boot. So thank you for bringing up a traumatic memory 😛 (lol im kidding im kidding, about the trauma I mean, I actually did look quite girly. True story)

  2. Buying used books could very well be the downfall in my journey to debt free. After having met my income goal for the month, I stopped by a used bookstore I have never been to before. I picked up Amy D.’s Tightwad Gazette numbers 1 & 2 (no 3 in sight), Jean Auel’s The Shelters of Stone, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, and some 80’s non-fiction book about an abused woman who shot her abuser-husband to death. All to the tune of $28, he he he. Hubby literally groaned when he saw more books coming into the apartment. Seeing as I got rid of like 30 less than a month ago, I think I’m still good.
    I have two bookcases full of books, a stack on the table beside the computer desk, another dozen in the bottom of my nightstand, one on top of the nightstand, and 5 on the table beside the couch where I sit.
    My favourites: my collection of Stephen King in hardcover.
    My most favourite: Stephen King’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, hardcover, pop-up.
    I may need an intervention soon. Will you come to the meetings with me??

    • OoOOoOh Stephen King, I completely forgot about him. I loved his books. But I’m pretty sure my collection has been lost in the myriad of moves I’ve had the past few years. Damnit.. another author to add to the list. Oh and second hand book stores are. the. bomb! I used to have one on the corner near my high school and I would spend hours rummaging through their stuff. The only second hand book store I know of in my current city is all the way on the other side of town, which kinda blows, but you do find great stuff in those places 🙂

      interventions are only if you have problem. We don’t have a problem. *hugs books while giggling crazily* Umm.. you maybe onto something.

      • As a young lady, I spent nearly ever fricking Saturday in the Main branch of the public library, looking through microfiched copies of our city’s newspaper from 50-75 years ago. Then I’d go buy a donut and a cola, and read outside in the sunshine at the park, usually putting myself to sleep at some point. Gosh I miss those days. I think I’m going to spend some time reading outside tomorrow. Oh wait…the 3 year old won’t leave me alone long enough…grrr….

      • See what you do with 3 year olds is give them to your slightly odd younger brother, who doesnt have children of his own. The novelty of having a little person makes it fun for him. There will be lots of piggy back rides and tickle fights and running around the toy store chasing each other around, while he’s pretending to ride a large stuffed unicorn. It works for my sister. 😛

  3. One day I’m going to use that odd-numbered comment count against you. Like comment on *every* even-numbered post of yours. Mwuahahaha.

    Ooohh, Michael Crichton over here. Airframe, Timeline, Jurassic Park, Next! On and on..

    I’ve been on a medieval history kick lately, so now it’s Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. The Hobbit is my favorite JRR Tolkein. I can’t wait for the movie.

    Before that, it was a serial killer kick (demented, I know). A lot of Dean Koontz. I wish I had more time for reading!

    • That reminds me that I want to read the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin ( I think it may be called something different). The show is soooooo amazing, so I think the books have to be spectacular.

      Pillars of the Earth was great.

    • Then I will reply to every single one of those comments… and then make non-sensical comments on yours like “you took your pants off???” So nyer 😛 Ahhh Crichton… another awesome writer, there’s an aussie writer that goes along the same lines but bugger me if I can remember his name… it’ll come to me…

      Nah not demented at all to like serial killer books! (although that is me saying that, so it probably it is demented but im too nuts to realise, if thats the case… *HUGS* youre like me!!!!!!) They are awesomely creepy. Mindhunter is about the guy who developed the FBI’s psych profiling technique, how he had to get into the mind of a killer and all that. Muy creepy. I’d recommend it if you like the serial killer stuff 🙂

  4. Uhhh yes. It is awesomreffic.

    I didn’t know you have a weird thing about an equal number of comments. This could be lots of fun. Muuaaahhhaaa!

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