Hello Mr Wolf-Man, oh wait that’s a mirror.

I am in desperate need of a haircut and a shave, *shave and a haircut. two bits!* But I don’t want to get a haircut cause its going to cost me money, and I’ve run out of razors for a shave. Again, money.

I’m afraid that I might be becoming cheap.

I know “frugal” is the politically correct term, but I think there are different levels of trying to save money. Like how saying someone is “pretty” kinda differs from saying that someone is “Oh. My. God. Awoooooga! Awooooga! Humuna, humuna humana *eyes pop out of sockets, heart starts beating out of chest in a staccato rhythm, tongue rolls out of mouth onto floor, drool*”.

Small yet distinct differences, ya see?

Anyways, “frugal” is I think a couple of steps down from “cheap”. And not have I only crossed the boundaries of “frugal”, I am mooning frugal and shouting “Come on, if your ‘ard enough!” on the hillside of Cheapsville.

Back to my hairiness.

I think its been about 3 months since I last had a haircut, maybe closer to four. And the last shave was done a month or so ago. Not only that, I can’t remember the last time I bought clothes, nor the last time I bought new shoes. The boots I am currently wearing I have had for 4 years? 5 years? It’s been a very long time I know that. I can tell because I tend to walk on the outside of my heel, so that side wears down much quicker than the inside of the heel. The inside of the heel currently measures 2cm, the outside, barely manages 0.5cm (don’t ask me what that is in your confounded empirical system). So yes, its been a while.

I wasn’t always like this. I used to like shopping for clothes, I liked having my hair cut. I liked being stylish. I still have a couple of timeless suits (1 black, one light grey – single breast, two button, not too long at the bottom) that I bought a couple of years ago for a LOT of money, but I think they’re worth it. Of course when I say “shopping” I mean that as boy shopping. A surgical strike. In and out. Rather than the war of attrition that girl shopping always becomes. I still hold my man-card when it comes to that at least.

But I’ve found as I’ve gotten older, that I care less about all that stuff. Not that I don’t care about my appearance, I still do, just not as much as I used to. Sometimes function triumphs over fashion for me. Example, I prefer to have my head shaved. Its simple and it takes me all of two minutes to get ready. Brilliant. Unfortunately I have been forbidden to ever get my head shaved ever again by numerous friends (the female ones actually, the guys couldn’t care less) as apparently I look like I “just got out of prison and looking for his next victim already.” I think that’s just a nice way of them saying that my head is shaped kinda funny and they prefer it I cover it with some camouflage.  It would so freaking easy though! *sigh*

But maybe I should start caring again, probably not so much, since most likely my adventures in shopping contributed to my current debt tally, but just a tad little bit more.

I guess its like everything in life. You just have to find that perfect balance, to weather the pulls and push of life and its tribulations, and walk that narrow beam of happiness.

Too bad that, metaphorically speaking, I have all the balance of a crazed hippopotamus…

with one leg…

an inner ear infection…

and drunk…

while also on… ahhh you get the idea.


8 responses to “Hello Mr Wolf-Man, oh wait that’s a mirror.

  1. Hi, our sneaky thing for ‘personal care’ is to work it into the grocery bills (shampoo, razors, pit-stick, lady-things, etc). We’re both fairly low maintenance for that sort of thing (I do NOT buy the $24/L shampoo), so it works for us. As for Haircuts: may I suggest two options? 1: find some gal in your life who ‘knows how to cut hair’ (which really means she’ll willingly try, and probably won’t leave you looking like a wookie who lost a fight with a razor).


    give yourself an allowance (DH and I do $20 each a week) and work the not-so-often expenses in to that.

    Some people, I hear, set aside money every paycheque for ‘personal’ use, but it adds up so slowly, and I cant’ be arsed to keep track that closely.

    anyway, that’s my $0.02

    • option 1: Is a bit hard at the moment. I have just relocated to a new city, so all of my friends are in another part of the country. Although I’ve made a couple of new friends here I don’t think we’re at the “please run your fingers through my hair, invade my personal space and occasionally shove your boobs into my face” stage… YET.

      option 2: I do have that allowance thing. But theres soooo many other things I could be buying! (but I don’t cause theyre more expensive and I think if i save a liiittttle bit more I can get the bigger shinier one!)

      Oh… and star wars reference??? you have just become todays favourite person. I will send happy thoughts in and around your vicinity for the rest of the day 🙂

  2. Confession: I had to Google “convert 0.5cm to inches”

    I’ve stopped getting haircuts and shaving for the same reasons! Luckily girls can have long hair without people thinking “oh wow, she’s frugal”, and we can wear pants over them hairy legs. Just kidding about the hairy legs. I just use the same razor over and over (not sure if that’s a good thing…)

    The answer is 0.196850394 inches, by the way.

    • We could get away with this in the winter, but it’s now too hot for hairy legs.

      A razor is bad when it starts taking chunks of flesh along with the hair.

      • Really? Too hot for hairy legs? So shaving makes it cooler?? Hmmm… summer is still 5 months away… but it gets blisteringly hot here… *looks at legs* I wonder….

    • LOL. love the confessions.

      AND you forgot to mention that girls with long hair are hot. Although girls with short hair are hot too. You people are just hot in general. Which is why we act stupid when we’re around you. *walks into door* SEE! See what I mean??

      See I did use the same razor over and over again, but I I was cutting myself more and more after about two weeks. Your leg hair must be really fine… whoa. I just had one of those “I can’t believe this is actually happening moments.” I am on the internet, talking about a persons leg hair… O_O. Technology is cool.

  3. I’ll take a picture from Frugaltown of your Cheapsville ass!

    Sorry about your head being misshapen. Shaving the head is nice on the wallet. You could just keep growing it out while you are saving the money to get a haircut. Then not only will get a haircut when the time is right, you’ll look about ten years younger too. Makeover!

    • I was going to say I will say “cheese” with my butt while you take the picture… but seriously, I think that was too gross to put in. 😛

      As for my head being misshapen I blame to constant head bumping into things cause girls are around and I do stupid things when girls are around *bumbs head into keyboard* alpajksl See! See what I mean! Ten years younger?? But but but but I already look young for my age… that would make me look 12! And no one finds 12 year olds sexy… (and if anyone does who is reading this blog… get out.)

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