Hello weekly update, you get in the way of my rambles.

I had one of my weird, disjointed and generally crazed out whacko posts ready to go. Then I realised its weekly update post day and that it will have to wait. So here are the numbers!

Health Insurance – $48.65 (fortnightly expense)

Savings/Emergency Fund: + $62.25 = $525.18

Going Out/Gift Fund: + $15.44 = $77.15 (… Yes. The total amount is lower than last week…  And no I didn’t write about what I spent it on… Stop judging meeeeee! *runs of flailing arms and wailing and sobbing*)

Bills: + $80 = $580 (See. I told you not to judge me. This amount doubled. Mainly due to some people paying me back that I don’t even remember. Yes, I’m kinda  loose with money when it comes to friends. Hey! Just cause I trust my friends doesn’t mean I’m naive! Stop judging meeeeee! *runs of flailing arms and wailing and sobbing*)

Oh and I’m taking the stuff like rent groceries & transport off the update cause well, they’re set expenses and not going to change any time soon. So every week imagine this big black hole. Lets call this hole “Crap Needed to Stay Alive”. And every weekly update imagine me shoveling $270 into that hole. Okay? You have a question? What? How much of that is budgeted for food? $50 dollars. How can I live with just $50 dollars for food? I eat a lot of cheap stuff alright! Stop judging meeeeee! *runs of flailing arms and wailing and sobbing*

Alrighty, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system. Dum dum dum do dum. Hmmm… that’s supposed to be a drumroll, but I just said it in my head and it didn’t sound like a drumroll. Oh. Wait.


Thank you subconscious for pointing out how stupid I am in front of all these people.


Shut up.

Amex: + $40 = – $3,239.79

ANZ: + $30 = – $4,674.53

Westpac: + $40 = – $6,828.99 (Argh! $106.39 in interest! Argh and double argh!)

Citibank + $180 = – $5,380.54

Total Debt: – $20,123.85

The Westpac card gets the interest added on the third week of every month, the other 3 cards have theirs on the fourth week of every month. So I’ve still got about $220 dollars of interest to look forward to this month.

Picture me swearing profusely and creatively at this point. Keep at it for five minutes. I’ll wait.



You’re only halfway. Two and a half more minutes to go.



I feel better.

Okay so after next weeks paycheck and all the interest getting added to my balances I will still (guess who found out why ctrl-i wasn’t working before on his keyboard and managed to fix it?) be roughly $20,090 in the red. Damn that magic $20,000 is a hard nut to crack. But in saying that, the good news is that it will be the first week of August that I will manage it, not the second week of August as previously expected! Hooray for me!

There will be jiggying. *said in Darth Vader voice*

Oh yes.

There WILL be jiggying.



8 responses to “Hello weekly update, you get in the way of my rambles.

  1. Hooray first week of August!

    By the second week of August we will be credit card debt free and yeas, I am bragging:)

    I just found your blog a few days ago and I’m a fan.

    • I know aye!
      Second week of August? WOOHOO! Bragging? Here? But but but, where’s the marching band? The monkeys wearing tutus? The elephants on rollerskates? I don’t recognise this kind of bragging 😉 Oh and I try to keep commenting on your site, but the network @ the office blocks it for some reason, and my goldfish-like attention span means that I tend to forget by the time I get home (my fingers are too fat to comfortable type and make comments on the phone). But I promise as soon as I get home today you will get one.
      Oh yes…
      You will get one!
      MUAHAHAHAHA (sorry I seem to be channeling my evil genius megalomaniac personality today)

  2. Confession: I had to Google “fortnightly”.

    Niki is the awesome. She can brag all she likes!

    • Lol… I apologise. Although… that gives me a great idea for a post. To use nothing but Aussie slang and sayings. Hmmm… I wonder if thats even possible….

      Yes she is awesome (if i ever get to post my comment on her blog you shall see the depths of my knowing of her awesomability). And she can brag on my blog anytime she likes! I was just saying that her bragging wasn’t anything like I’ve ever experienced before. There was no “neener neener”, no noogies, no poking of eyes and no aforementioned elephants, monkeys or marching bands. It was sooooo…. nice. Maybe I should stop hanging around people who do that stuff…

  3. Oh, no, I was telling Niki she can brag all she likes!

    Ho brah two can play dat game lil’dat, I no kea if you no can undastand me. Kden, shoots brah!

    My attempt at writing an entire sentence in our local slang. That was hard.

    • Errr… “brah”? Kiwi’s use that too (New Zealanders to you).

      I made several attempts to write in Aus slang but its too early in the morning to do it… i got as far as g’day and then bupkiss. 😛

  4. Oh, you guys are both so kind and have made my day, maybe even the rest of the week.

    You’re right, I need to take my bragging up a notch. I will refrain from giving noogies though.

    Neener, neener.

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