Hello motivation, I’ve lost you somehow…

I was full of verve and zest the last week. I felt like I could eat thunder and crap lightning. The past couple of days though I’ve felt a little, although today in particular, “blah”.

I think its the days when I feel like I’m just running on the debt treadmill, running and running but not really going anywhere. That’s the terrible thing I’ve found about debt, it just drains you. On every level. I’m even finding it difficult to find enough motivation to write this post. (It has taken me about an hour and 40 minuts to get to 100 words). I’ve been phoning it in at the gym too, even though I know that there may possibly a firefighter recruitment session sometime in the next couple of months. I only ran 2km (normally it would be 8km).

I just feel like my life is on hold until I get this whole debt thing sorted out. And not only that, I feel like

*4 hours later*

I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

/end post



6 responses to “Hello motivation, I’ve lost you somehow…

  1. 😦 We all hit that proverbial brick wall. I’m behind on my work assignments, haven’t exercised in forever, and my apartment’s a mess. I could just lie in bed all day.


    • Awwww. I don’t know why but you feeling like I do makes me feel better. Does that make me a horrible person? *thinks* Yes. Yes, it does.

      But I hope you feel better! If not, I suggest you do a “marathon Top Gear whilst lying in bed all day” day! Wait… you’re an American, you may not have heard of it… (although I hope you have). It’s every petro-sexuals dream tv programme.

      • If cars are my religion, then the guys from Top Gear are the three wise men. (They even had a baby “The Stig” Jesus on the show)

      • I saw that episode!!! Youre awesomeness has reached astronomical levels. Words cannot express. Therefore I am going to convey youre awesome nature with the power of INTERPRETIVE DANCE! *does the dance…………. it goes on for a while…………… and a little bit more….. andddddd done* Thats how awesome you are.

  2. I *just* blogged about how mid-month is boring when you’re in the midst of debt repayment.. a large part of it IS just running on that treadmill, and waiting for the dust to settle so that you can re-calculate and re-evaluate how you did last month, and how you’re going to do next month. In the mean time, check out other blogs, watch till debt do us part, or princess, and find little reasons to keep inspired! *rah*rah*rah* – your debt/weight-loss cheerleader

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