Hello Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2, or how I blew my new “buffer” for rent.

You know when you squirrel away a bit of money? Is there one savings scheme/fund/account/jar that no matter what you always tend to dip into because you can always replenish it “next week”? For me its my “rent buffer”. Every week I promise myself that I will not touch it, and every week it gets touched. And not in a good way!

But what can I say, I love the movies and I love books and I love video games (the only three things these days I will splurge on). Now books and video games to me are an investment. I hear the scoffing already (especially about the video game part) but hear me out here. Books to me are a never-ending source of entertainment, especially if its a series I love. I have read a majority of the books I own, at least 20+ times. I tend to go through cycles, so by the time I get to the first book in the cycle at least a year has passed and its like new again! And I’ll keep on reading them. They’re my entertainment fall back. If the world went to hell in a handbasket and there was thermo-nuclear war or an asteroid hit us, I would still be able to take a book off the shelf and sit and read in the warm green glow of my irradiated skin. And the best part, when I read… I DON’T SPEND MONEY! Sure I’ve spent $30 on the book, but that book can last me 2 weekends if I space it out enough. And when I spend an average of $100 a night if I go out on the weekend. Even after 1 night of staying in and reading I’m ahead!

The same story goes for video games. I’ll only usually buy games that have immense re-playability. Civilization, Total War Series, Starcraft, Sims you know the ones. And I can spend weeks buried under an obsession with a certain game, and when I come up for air I realise its been 3 months since I’ve last been to a bar. Again lots of money saved.

But the one thing I cannot avoid is the cinema. I love the movies. I love the stale popcorn, the ridiculously large drinks, the glow of the big screen, the hushed electric silence of a group of absolute strangers enjoying a well made film. Of course there will be hit and miss (Harry Potter 2-7, anyone?) But once in a while, you get films like DH part 2. And well, you realise why you go to the movies. No spoilers here, and no gushing, but I will say it was as good as the first (in a different and scarier way) Harry Potter. (although I do have a theory that they made the middle movies not all that great so the first and last will stand out).

And that is why I blew my rent buffer. And probably why I will always blow my rent buffer.

The first time you turn the front page of a book youre going to treasure forever.

The first frame of that movie, that’s going into youre favourites-of-all time list.

The first click on the mouse of that game, that you’re still going to be playing ten years from now.

I’m smarter about my debt, but not smarter about my loves. There are just some things in life more important than a budget.*

*(eek! did I just commit PF blogger blasphemy???)


3 responses to “Hello Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2, or how I blew my new “buffer” for rent.

  1. I’m dusting off my pitch fork and grilling you on the ceremonial PF pit fire now!

    Just kidding.

    Books, video games and the cinema are your hobbies — just like 68.2% of the rest of the world (I’ll cite my source later). We need hobbies to keep us sane. Even better if they help you save money 😉

    And I love me some Protoss. Mine more minerals!

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