Hello Personal Finance Bloggers, why are most of you girls?

Okay admittedly I’m new to this whole personal finance blogging thing (not even a week old! *coughcoughnoob!noob!coughcough*), but I have to say I’m quite surprised at the disparity between the number of males versus females who are blogging about their battles with debt.

Out of every 10 blogs im finding about PF, only 1 is by a dude.

Not that I have anything against gals or anything. Go boobs and brains! (or whichever body part modern empowered women are now celebrating… Hurrah Fallopian tubes! Girls have those right? ;)) But really? Only 1 out of 10 PF bloggers are guys? Surely there are more guys out there having trouble with their finances AND are able to type and use a computer. Or is it just unmanly to advise to the world that you’re slowly drowning in debt? Am I doing an unmanly thing with this blog? *adjusts package and does a loud gas movement* I don’t think I am. I think its brilliant that I’ve come to terms that I have a debt problem and have come up with a solution for it. Its classic man thought process.

  1. Problem.
  2. Think of Solution.
  3. Implement Solution.
  4. Drink Whiskey.
  5. Kill Sabretooth Tiger with bare hands

Finding a problem and fixing it is how we deal with the world. Yes, sometimes our fixes are 100% completely and utterly wrong, BUT that doesn’t change the fact that it indeed fixed the problem. It may have caused 17 other problems all interconnected with the so-called “fix”, but the first problem that was bugging us (or was bugging our significant other) has been resolved. Whatever the issue is now is a NEW problem and requires another set of repeated requests to be repaired.*

We men are actually quite simple creatures.

Anyways… where was I? Oh yeah…

It does boggles me that there aren’t more male PF’ers out there. There probably are but I just haven’t found them yet, so if anyone knows of any PF blogs by males that are both an amusing read and regularly updated, please leave a url on the comments.

Now to share the love, here are the two noteworthy male PF bloggers I’ve found.


Unabashed and consistent use of the word “ninja”. LIKE!


A little more serious. A little more wry. And also fat. I like other fat people.

*And for some reason I’m beginning to think I may have stolen this whole rant from somewhere, for the life of me I have no idea where and who. It could be my mother kidding around with my dad. Or an actual comedian . If its from a comedian.  I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry. And if I got it from my mom… well its ALMOST like I made it up myself… Right? Right? *sigh* Fine! I’m sorry mom if I stole it from you… *grumble grumble*


14 responses to “Hello Personal Finance Bloggers, why are most of you girls?

  1. Hello there Dude PF Blogger!
    I am a girl PF blogger, but we share the NOOB status in this realm. I enjoy your wit, and your rambling makes sense in my head. I will keep reading, as long as you keep updating..

    Wanna check out mine? (If it helps, i’m dragging my DH kicking and screaming through this debt-killing adventure-thing too!)

    • Hello “Girl PF Blogger who shares my NOOB status and enjoys (as I type that I have a perplexed look on my face “enjoy”? Was that really what she meant, I think she meant to type “I can STAND your rambling” but has some sort of weird typing dyslexia… yeah thats it) my rambling.” Man thats a long nickname… I know! I shall call you Squishy and you shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy. 😛 NOTE: All resemblance to Dory’s speech from Finding Nemo is on purpose… ha! ha! I put quotes on it so it doesnt count as plagiarism… wait… no I didn’t… NOOOooOOOoOOOooOOO!

  2. For a while I was thinking of writing my blog in a way that hid my gender. “Is MintCondition a he or a she?! Oh, the suspense!” But that’s hard to do when your kryptonite is vintage dresses. Maybe I could have posed as a cross-dressing man? (For all you know – I could be a man posing as a woman! Oh, the suspense!)

    Some male blogs I follow (and I checked their birth certificates to make sure):

    • *pops some popcorn* Its like the Crying Game but in text form! But I have a stupid male question… what exactly is a vintage dress? Is it like an old dress from the time when men still wore hats? Or even older dresses when it was okay to slap people with your glove and issue out challenges? Or have I gotten the point completely and utterly wrong??

      And thanks for the links! I shall stalk my prey…

  3. Just in general, I really like your writing style, and think you have an awesome sense of humor. And compared to that other guy (Ninja) who I also follow, a bit more subtle, and witty> looking forward to following you on a regular basis.

    • Awww thanks!
      Waaaaaaiiiit a minute…. Hmmm… theres an email address… but no link to another blog, gravatar doesn’t exist… Did I just make up an email address and then comment into my own blog praising my writing style, and then not remember doing it?? Whoa. I thought I was yeeeeaaaarrrssssss away from that kind of dementia… oh well… pass the adult diapers please!

      • Hmm, no, that was me legitimately complimenting you, and I don’t have a blog – not quite sure what gravitar even is! 🙂 No need for the adult diapers though, so that’s a plus.
        Who! I entered my name, and then it autofilled with this ‘Captain Sweatpants’ thing, and a gravitar website…made up by itself – too weird.

      • No blog??? But but but but but but but but but but… how am I supposed to reciprocate your comments by making very lame jokes in YOUR comment section??? Then everyone else who reads your blog will see my comment, and then they think “Wow. Sarah has some weird guy, commenting on her blog. He must be destroyed!” See how it works? But THIS way, with you having no blog, I have to wait with bated breath for you to comment. You have the upper hand! I want hand! Give me some hand! *stolen from Seinfeld*

  4. I am a male PF (and since January, weight loss) blogger. But I am not very focused about it and most of my blog is pointless rambling. I see the same things you do though. There are mostly women blogging about debt.

    I think guys don’t like to admit it. As it is, my GF doesn’t know I have a debt related blog… and considering that my next post is probably related to my frustrations with her, that’s a good thing.

    • DUDE!!!! what does mine say? SWEET!!! Sorry… had to do it. Glad there’s another one out there though. My man-bits were kinda getting weirded out by the multitudes of girls. But it is the internet, as everyone knows there are no girls on the internet 😛

      • LOL. DUDE!!! I know but WHAT DOES MINE SAY?

        There are a few of us guys around. But it is mostly girls. I don’t usually notice all that much until there are posts about “What’s in your purse?” or “How could I say no to these heels?” 😉

        OK, OK, those are really very rare. But I have seen them. Man, I stumbled on to a thread about saving money on personal hygiene once (feminine hygiene obviously). I won’t lie, I learned a lot about costs I had never considered before and about options I had no idea about. Not exactly useful information but you never know what you’ll run into.

      • LOL @ saving money on personal hygiene for females (sorry ladies, for laughing at your need to cleanse things, please feel free to wish hemorrhoids on me… what exactly are those??) Sometimes, its really cool to be a guy. We can smell a little, EVERYTHING can be washed with soap, and no one really cares if you have hairy legs or armpits.

        Oh I found your blog! I was going to comment, but the work network despises blogger for some reason so I couldnt comment. But you have been linked.

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