Hello weekly update, goodbye paycheck.

Weekly update!

Okay haven’t been bothered to work out tables yet. So, here’s the split for this week:

Savings/Emergency Fund: + $62.25 = $462.93

Going Out/Gift Fund: + $13.60 = $96.01

Rent: + $200 = – $180 (I allocate a set amount from every paycheck to rent, which is fortnightly. This way I don’t lose half a paycheck a week to just rent) I’m putting in extra cause I want at least a weeks buffer… just in case.

Bills: + $40 = $270 (again I allocate $40 a week for bills such as electricity, water, gas, cable etc. I like the feeling of seeing a bill and knowing I don’t have to worry about trying to finnagle it into that weeks budget. $40 a week may be a little bit much, my quarterly electricity/water/gas bills haven’t gone beyond $170 and are usually less than $100, but all that means is at the end of the year I may have extra dosh lying around to pay off the debt!)

Grocery and Transport: + $70 = $0 I will withdraw this money today and it will be the only cash I will have in my wallet.

There is also $30 to spare that I’ll probably split between the going out fund and building a buffer in the transaction account (basically it’s there so I don’t have any overdrawn fees in case my pay doesn’t get cleared on time or whatever)

Now comes the fun part…

Amex: + $40 = – $3,279.79

ANZ: + $30 = – $4,704.53

Westpac: + $40 = – $6,762.60

Citibank + $228 = – $5,560.54 (Die! Die! Die! *laughs maniacally*)

Total Debt: – $20,307.46

While it does look like I will be under $20,000 by next week, bad news is I won’t.

First of all I can only afford to pay off exactly $291 in total next week because of another fortnightly expense, health insurance. Which would bring my total to $20,016.46 (so so so so close *sob sob*).

Second of all, the week after will be end of month, which means that interest gets added onto the balances. Which will be roughly around $320. Which means it won’t be until the 11th of August (that’s 1 month! After getting a hairs breadth from it!!) before I am truly well out of the $20,000 mark, and won’t have to fear about interest making it go over again.


But don’t worry, once I get to the under $20,000 mark, there will be much rejoicing, quaffing of ale, fraternising with wenches, singing along with the troubadour and general merrymaking and hootienannying.

I might even do a jig.


4 responses to “Hello weekly update, goodbye paycheck.

  1. Great work! I like the idea of putting aside a bit of money each week for bills and rent. I may try to figure out how to do that with our budget. Right now, they are just a lump sum and it seems to drain the bank account quicker than I like.

    • I like it personally because I like to laugh with impunity at the electricity company when they send me their bill. I look at it and say “That’s it? That’s all you have for me? My 3 year old niece could make me spend more! BWAHAHAHAHA. I loathe thee and all thine kind. I shall pray that ye and all your kind suffer the worst depravations that hell could offer.”
      I do this whilst standing outside my mailbox for my apartment. A lot of my neighbours run away from me now.

  2. Hi. Larious. Must try that with my next electricity bill.

    If it helps, you could sell your kidney for $16.47 and that will bring your balance to $19,999.99. Then you could add “and one kidney” as your blog name. Just putting it out there!

    • If you do it dressed as Princess Leia (when she was slave girl to Jaba the Hutt, is there any other Princess Leia costume??) I will donate $20 to your debt payments, with the exchange rate… I think thats like $22 US dollars. Phwoar! And yes a video posted on YouTube with all pertinent and required proof of identification displayed and notarised, will be necessary in order to collect your reward.

      As for my kidney… with my salt consumption (I put salt on apples fer crying out loud!) I don’t think my kidney would get $16.47. I’m a broken (and broke!) man.

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